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Ken Salazar

Ken Salazar

Hickenlooper and Bennet seem like twins, but they are expected to go different directions in Washington

How John Hickenlooper adapts to his new role after a career as an executive remains an open question. But he’ll have Michael Bennet to look to for guidance.

John Hickenlooper easily defeats Cory Gardner in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race

Cory Gardner’s loss is the latest in a series of stinging defeats for the Colorado GOP at the top of the ticket over the past two election cycles

Opinion: Stop digging a hole for first responders, schools and small businesses. Vote “yes” on Amendment B

Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb and former U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar write that the Gallagher Amendment has no business being in the state constitution.

Joe Biden’s “inexplicable” no-show strategy makes him an outlier in Colorado’s presidential primary

The former vice president is the only Democratic candidate to not hold a public event in Colorado as other campaigns flood the state

Opinion: Super fires across the West have many causes, but one gets little attention

Former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and ranch owner Louis Bacon say super fires should not be the new normal

Who Colorado donors support the most in the 2020 presidential race

About 7,000 Colorado residents made donations to Donald Trump or Democratic rivals, a Colorado Sun analysis shows

Democrat attorneys general are among Trump’s largest roadblocks. Where does Colorado’s Phil Weiser fit in?

Colorado’s attorney general has already filed or joined eight lawsuits against the Trump administration. Phil Weiser says he is simply trying to protect the state, but some Republican critics argue he’s going too far.

Get to know Phil Weiser, the Democratic candidate for Colorado attorney general

Phil Weiser, 50, says he was motivated by the election of President Donald Trump to run for Colorado attorney general

EPA regional chief Doug Benevento: Trust-but-verify technique proves Rocky Flats is ready for the public

Areas open to the public for biking, hiking provided security buffer for places work with nuclear materials was done