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job training

job training
job training

Colorado has had a shortage of cybersecurity professionals for years. Here’s how that’s going. 

Colorado schools like MSU Denver have ramped up cybersecurity programs as the world’s thirst for cyber protection grows. But it’s not just about a college degree.


What’s Working: Colorado is offering up to $50,000 to tap into an old-timey resource — apprenticeships

Plus: $50 million in workers-comp refunds on the way, Colorado's 4.1% unemployment rate for February, 102% pandemic job recovery and more!


Opinion: Support job-training programs that actually put people in better-paying jobs

Colorado has money to spend on closing the ‘middle-skills gap.’ It should bet only on programs that can prove they move people up the pay ladder

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Opinion: An old idea can reduce wildfires — and teach job skills to thousands

A Civilian Conservation Corps to restore forest health in the age of climate change

Opinion Columns

Where have Colorado’s workers gone? Some say: “We’re still here. Hire us!”

The labor market continues to get even more complex as employers and workers recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Data shows fewer workers are out there though. So, where did they go?


Housing demand is greater than ever but Colorado is building fewer homes than expected. Here’s why.

A pre-pandemic construction labor shortage intensified last year despite a strong real estate market. There’s just not enough workers to build what was planned. The industry is focused on attracting newcomers.


What’s Working: Colorado’s construction industry is short on workers as housing prices skyrocket

Plus: What construction jobs pay, Goodwill celebrates jobs and training and how to get a job in Antarctica this summer.


Thousands of new openings post to Colorado’s official job board each week. Here’s where they come from.

Not all jobs end up on Connecting Colorado. But finding a job or hiring for one in Colorado will always require a multi-search strategy to suss out who’s qualified and what jobs are legit.


What’s Working: Colorado’s job board has 82,000 openings. But are they real?

Plus, training options, new opportunities for small businesses and why calls to the unemployment helpline had just a 5-second wait on Friday.


Colorado needs more skilled workers. But the state provides little help to adults trying to earn a college degree.

A wide swath of Coloradans can’t access well-paying jobs to provide for their families, and employers can’t find workers with the skills needed for specialized jobs.