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Colorado has had a shortage of cybersecurity professionals for years. Here’s how that’s going. 

The pressure was on. Someone, somewhere, was attacking computer systems so customers couldn’t reach certain websites. In a windowless room in Denver, Zack Privette had worked all morning with his security team to figure out what the cyber strangers were up to.  “What’s happened is that we have an attacker who has been going through […]

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What’s Working: Colorado is offering up to $50,000 to tap into an old-timey resource — apprenticeships

As the challenge continues for employers to fill job openings — and workers try to get a job offer — there’s been a big push by the state of Colorado to tap into an old-timey resource: apprenticeships. But first, in local economic news, Colorado’s February unemployment rate came in at 4%, which is slightly lower […]

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Where have Colorado’s workers gone? Some say: “We’re still here. Hire us!”

THORNTON — Ground zero for what’s happening to Colorado’s labor market may as well be right here, in Amazon’s 2.4 million-square-foot warehouse where employees work alongside orange 320-pound robots.  The mechanical creatures look like massive robotic vacuum cleaners. But instead of lifting dirt, each robot can lift yellow storage pods filled with random products and […]

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Housing demand is greater than ever but Colorado is building fewer homes than expected. Here’s why.

In a past life, Susan Ohlhaber helped people as a mental health counselor. Actually, it wasn’t that long ago. It was just last year. Then the COVID-19 pandemic began and she was laid off. Ohlhaber, who lives in Morrison, is now learning the difference between a jig saw, a circular saw and a reciprocating saw. […]

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What’s Working: Colorado’s construction industry is short on workers as housing prices skyrocket

In Loveland, J Gonzales says it’s been tough filling entry-level jobs to get the Allweather Wood manufacturing plant’s workforce back up to its full strength.  The general laborer positions at the wood treatment plant involve physical labor, start at $18 an hour and offer forklift training to those who wish to move to a higher-paying […]

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Thousands of new openings post to Colorado’s official job board each week. Here’s where they come from.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Kurt Moe, an independent computer programmer, saw his work prospects dry up.  The Longmont resident said he’s spent months searching for a new gig. He’s applied to more than 800 relevant jobs in his field and had only a handful of interviews.  “I have had a few informal phone interviews, […]

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What’s Working: Colorado’s job board has 82,000 openings. But are they real?

On the same day a group of frustrated and unemployed Coloradans organized a message-writing campaign to the media and politicians about unpaid jobless benefits, a group of business leaders voiced their frustrations about a related topic: jobs.  “Quality of life actually starts with having a job,” Diane Schwenke, president and CEO of the Grand Junction […]