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“Of course it feels unsafe”: Colorado prisons face staffing crisis as scores of guards, inmates catch coronavirus

Already, parole officers have been offered overtime pay to serve as prison guards and help with basic operations inside the locked facilities

Colorado prisoner dies after having coronavirus-like symptoms

The inmate becomes the fourth to die in Colorado after falling ill with symptoms consistent with COVID-19

Colorado governor defends prison system, accuses ACLU of using coronavirus to push its agenda

“The pandemic is no excuse to let criminals out,” Gov. Jared Polis said Thursday, saying that steps have been taken to ensure the safety of inmates and guards at state prisons

Coronavirus infections in prisons threaten to choke rural hospitals

There are hundreds of coronavirus cases in rural Colorado prisons

A volunteer army has answered Colorado’s need for masks. Denver’s jails are one recent beneficiary.

With some catchy names and time on their hands, volunteers have helped power Colorado through its overwhelming demand by revving up their sewing machines

138 inmates at prison in northeast Colorado test positive for coronavirus

The facility houses more than 2,400 inmates

Gov. Polis said he wanted to close a private prison. GEO Group beat him to it, leaving Colorado scrambling.

The Cheyenne Mountain Reentry Center will shutter on March 7, leaving 642 inmates and 180 employees in limbo. Colorado says it will likely mean jail backlogs, parole releases and prison crowding.

Colorado jails can’t hold people accused of low-level crimes in lieu of bail anymore. And that means current inmates could be released.

At least one Colorado county jail believes they have inmates who could have to be released under the new law