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Key gaps between Black, Latino and white Coloradans have narrowed, but equity is “a dream unrealized”  

Maria Bocanegra Tejeda awakens as the rising sun lights her room. Her room. In the house her family owns. That fact is still capable of surprising her, so far removed it is from her cousins’ crowded trailer in the crowded mobile home park where she spent nearly half of her 22 years. The night before, […]

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Opinion: For women of color, breastfeeding can involve confronting history, obstacles and scarce resources

In popular ’80s Bollywood movies, fights between heroes and villains often included this bit of dialogue: “Maa ka doodh pee haa!” Literally, that translates to “Have you drank your mother’s milk?” Figuratively, it deems opponents as equals if they derive strength from breastmilk. Growing up, I knew I’d breastfeed my babies. I wanted to equip […]

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At nearly every turn in Denver, protesters confront a reason to march

Kenny White, a black man in his late 20s, joins the downtown Denver protesters near dusk. A speaker has just wrapped his exhortation to the hundreds gathered at the west steps. “This is not a black-versus-white issue,” he says. “This is an us-versus-them issue.” The words “By any means necessary” are spray-painted on the Capitol […]