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Opinion: Tax rebates are coming. Everyone should get the same amount

Though many people continue to struggle to make ends meet, and the cost of living in Colorado continues to rise, by any typical measure Colorado’s economy is booming. On average, incomes are rising, jobs are returning —and, in turn, the state is collecting more tax revenue than it’s allowed by the state Constitution to keep […]

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What’s Working: Colorado asks how much does that job pay? Some out-of-state employers don’t like it

Colorado’s law to address pay disparity for women and people of color continues to get push back from companies outside of the state. On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal detailed the issue employers have: They don’t want to publicly post pay ranges for each job opening. Certain employers with remote jobs are purposely excluding Colorado […]

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Opinion: Why Colorado’s economy shouldn’t just return to “normal” after COVID-19

With more Coloradans facing economic hardship amid the second wave of COVID-19, the disparities along racial and geographic lines have become painfully more apparent. Economic data gathered during the pandemic shows that job losses have been greatest among Coloradans with low wages – particularly in the hospitality and leisure sectors. Jobs lost in these sectors […]

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What’s Working: Minimum wage going to $12.32, plus how new COVID restrictions (and fraud?) has doubled unemployment

The number of new weekly unemployment cases has been inching higher for weeks with the latest number now double what it was in late September. That tracks to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Colorado and resulting local business restrictions. But the sudden uptick has the state Department of Labor and Employment wondering whether […]

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Opinion: Amid a global pandemic, could we innovate to find more equality through higher education?

Adry Martinez, a current student at PelotonU in Austin, Texas, has found her groove. It was not always this way. Before coming to PelotonU, Adry attended a state university in California for two years before learning her degree would not set her up for the credential she needed in her career. Heartbroken and frustrated, she […]

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Opinion: To become a truly anti-racist society, we must go beyond police reform

Racism is not a new problem. It is not an accident, either.   Our country’s forbears consciously wrote laws and policies to keep people of color from the rooms of power, to subjugate and oppress them, creating generations of suffering.   Building racial justice must be an equally active process.   Racial equity is more than an absence […]