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Colorado directs insurers to waive co-pays for people seeking coronavirus tests. But only if they meet testing criteria.

Gov. Jared Polis’ administration is directing Colorado health insurers regulated by the state to waive co-pays, deductibles and other charges for anyone who visits a doctor, urgent care center or hospital to seek a coronavirus test in what is one of the state’s first executive actions to date in response to the outbreak. But the […]

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Amid coronavirus fears, the CDC told schools to plan for remote learning. That’s harder than it sounds.

As schools grapple with responding to the new coronavirus and the federal government’s recommendation to plan for extended closures, one thing is becoming clear: remote learning remains a remote possibility. An escalating number of COVID-19 cases are being confirmed in the U.S., and at least nine deaths have been reported as of Tuesday afternoon, making […]

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Colorado’s other pandemic: The 1918 flu and the lessons learned — or maybe not — for coronavirus

A run on surgical masks. No viable vaccine. Opportunists. Uncertainty. Fatalism. Fear.  These were just a few of the elements converging at the uncontrolled intersection of medical science, politics and human nature — not this week, but a century ago, when the flu pandemic of 1918 crept into Colorado, gathered deadly momentum and claimed thousands […]