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Colorado auditor finds $73 million in “likely fraudulent” unemployment payments, including to dead people

Colorado may have paid $73 million in fraudulent unemployment benefits, with payments made to dead people, inmates and underage applicants, a state audit found, more than double the $30 million state labor officials had previously confirmed was improperly paid. “Despite the numerous steps that the department has taken to prevent and detect fraud, our audit […]

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What’s Working: Colorado asks how much does that job pay? Some out-of-state employers don’t like it

Colorado’s law to address pay disparity for women and people of color continues to get push back from companies outside of the state. On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal detailed the issue employers have: They don’t want to publicly post pay ranges for each job opening. Certain employers with remote jobs are purposely excluding Colorado […]

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What’s Working: How navigates face masks and social engineering to battle Colorado unemployment fraud

The staggering five-plus-hours wait to complete the last step for receiving unemployment benefits has been whittled down by 60% after the company tasked with verifying user identities ramped up staffing. Two hours, though, is still a long time to wait on the phone or on a computer for your turn to talk to a human.  […]

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Unemployment fraudsters have cost Colorado at least $19.37 million

The state of Colorado has lost nearly $19.37 million to unemployment fraudsters since last year, officials from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment said Friday. That’s up from the $6.5 million in total fraud losses the department previously reported.  The department has documented $437.2 million in fraudulent claims that it has prevented from being […]

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What’s Working: Colorado’s big BYE week for unemployment, the $10,200 tax question and our ongoing economic recovery

A year ago, Colorado was just realizing how serious the impact of pandemic safety measures were with a statewide stay-at-home order that pretty much halted in-person commerce. The week of April 5, 2020, became the worst week of unemployment the state had ever seen, with a record-setting 104,217 Coloradans filing their first jobless claim in […]

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What’s Working: As exhausted Coloradans on unemployment wait for benefits, the next federal plan must pass soon to avoid delays

Not to be a drag here, but we’re down to one month before the existing federal coronavirus relief package providing extra unemployment benefits is set to end.  The Continued Assistance Act, passed by federal lawmakers on Dec. 27, provided 11 weeks of extended unemployment benefits plus a bonus $300 per week until March 14 (or […]

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The restart of Colorado’s federal unemployment benefits has been uneven as thousands wait for their turn

Monday brought relief to more than 60,000 out-of-work Coloradans who were able to request federal benefits for the first time in five weeks — and that included a $300 weekly bonus retroactive to Dec. 27, the start of the federal COVID relief package. “I was able to request all the way back until Dec. 27,” […]