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Failed Republican candidates see fundraising spikes fueled by recounts, cash in other Colorado races tightens

Indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters raised $519,000 for her unsuccessful campaign for secretary of state between June 23 and July 27, enabling the Republican to cover travel expenses to Las Vegas and pay cost of a recount in the primary contest she lost by nearly 90,000 votes. The vast majority of the cash, or […]

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Littwin: Why did Heidi Ganahl bother to dodge Big Lie questions only to pick a Big Lie running mate?

The question still in front of Colorado Republicans, who are understandably hopeful about their chances this November after being completely wiped out in 2018, is whether they remember how to win statewide elections. We all know the deal. In a midterm election, especially one where the president’s approval ratings are, as inconceivable as it seems, […]

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Heidi Ganahl wants to eliminate Colorado’s income tax, which accounts for about a third of the state’s budget

Heidi Ganahl, the Republican gubernatorial nominee, is campaigning on a bold promise to eliminate Colorado’s 4.55% individual income tax, the largest source of revenue for the state’s general fund, during her first four-year term. “I will take us to zero income tax,” she told Republican voters during a candidate forum in April. But Ganahl, a […]