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Researchers in Colorado have figured out what makes air conditioners consume so much energy. It’s not the heat.

This just in from the laboratory: When it comes to the air conditioner chugging away in the window, it’s not the heat — but the humidity that’s causing it to work overtime. An analysis by researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden found that on average more than half of the energy used […]

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Officially, heat deaths are not very common in Colorado. The reality is more complicated.

Missy Anderson stepped out of the shade and into the building heat of another day in one of Denver’s hottest summers on record. Anderson is an injury prevention coordinator at Denver Health, meaning she works to deter the kinds of accidents and events that often land people in the hospital. On this July day, that […]

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About 30% of Denver’s homes lack air conditioning. Here’s the city’s environmentally friendly solution.

As temperatures rose to triple digits in Denver Tuesday, the city’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency released a plan outlining steps in which city residents can stay comfortable and safe through future heat waves — which are likely to get worse — without causing further damage to the environment. About 30% of Denver […]