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health care costs

health care costs

A Colorado veteran had appendicitis. But the fight over his hospital bill may have been worse.

Shannon Harness, 39, received a bill for more than $80,000

Coronavirus will add 500,000 people to Colorado’s Medicaid rolls — with major consequences for the health care system

From hospital profits to insurance prices to policy debates, the pandemic has reshaped the debate about health care in Colorado

Colorado Democrats just proposed an enormous change to how health insurance programs are funded

Senate Bill 215, which would create a new fee on the health insurance premiums paid by close to a million Coloradans, affects the funding for the reinsurance program but may also face strong legal challenges

Colorado’s coronavirus budget crunch is putting Democratic accomplishments at risk

The Joint Budget Committee will begin meeting next week to consider recommended spending cuts, but they still may not be enough to balance the budget

$10,000-a-day fines and other things to know about Colorado’s new public health insurance option bill

Hospitals and insurance companies are required to participate in the plan, which lawmakers finally introduced Thursday

Colorado’s public health insurance option puts a bull’s-eye on hospital profits. But some rural facilities could make more.

The state’s proposed payment formula gives high priority to independent and critical access hospitals, though some who would benefit question what the consequences will be

Polis wants communities to negotiate directly with hospitals. But, in Durango, a major hospital system just said no.

Centura Health, which operates Durango’s Mercy Regional Medical Center, says it will not work with the new Southwest Health Alliance

Colorado hospitals hate the plan to cap their prices. Here’s how they want to control health costs instead.

The Colorado Hospital Association has lined up behind a “total cost of care” model similar to what is used in Massachusetts

Opinion: Transparency and accountability needed in prescription drug industry

5 numbers that explain why Colorado lawmakers want more insight into prescription drug costs

Democrats are trying again this year to pass a bill requiring pharmaceutical companies to be more transparent about price increases and rebates

Opinion: Colorado’s public option should maximize competition and affordability. Here’s how.

Opinion: More price controls are the wrong Rx for health care in Colorado

Colorado lawmakers want to crack down on companies that look like health insurers but aren’t

Rep. Susan Lontine’s bill comes after the Colorado Division of Insurance shut down a health care sharing ministry that was covering “shockingly low” amounts of its members’ bills.

A Denver businessman wants to fix America’s health care system — by doing your knee replacement in Mexico

Part entrepreneur and part activist, North American Specialty Hospital CEO James Polsfut has carved out a business model from the dysfunction of U.S. health care

Colorado hospitals — under increased scrutiny — raised prices and saw more profit, new report says

The report from the Polis administration shows per-patient profits at Colorado hospitals reached their highest level in at least a decade in 2018

Colorado public option opponents accused of trying to “weaponize” doctors against health insurance proposal

PATH, an organization backed by Colorado hospitals, is encouraging medical professionals to speak out against the soon-to-come public health insurance option legislation

High-deductible plans jeopardize financial health of patients and rural hospitals in Colorado and beyond

In rural areas, where high-deductible plans are even more prevalent and incomes tend to be lower than in urban areas, patients often struggle to pay those deductibles

Your guide to all the ways health care may be about to change in Colorado

Health care looks to be one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- fight in the coming legislative session. How it turns out will shape how you receive and pay for medical services in the future.

Groups tied to hospitals, insurance companies launch pricey ad blitz against Colorado public option

Partnership for America’s Health Care Future and Colorado’s Health Care Future spent $121,000 on television and digital ads against the proposal, which will be debated in the upcoming legislative session

How do Coloradans want the state’s health care system to work? It depends on how you ask.

Two new polls offer a look at the public’s sometimes contradictory opinions on health care reform, where more details are not always a good thing

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