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Denver voters passed a green roof law in 2017. Years later, the gardens have yet to sprout.

Jennifer Bousselot is nearly giddy about how her daily life as a Colorado State University horticulturist will change sometime in 2022, when rooftop green space in north Denver is finally at her disposal.  Bousselot has helped design some of the most alluring features of CSU’s nearly-finished Spur campus at the National Western Center: rooftop greenhouses; […]

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Denver’s climate change “czar” has a mission and millions of dollars to start carrying it out

State machinations on climate change get a lot of attention in Colorado, but the city of Denver also wants to get in on the game. Denver now has its own climate change office, and thanks to a vote by taxpayers in November, the office will have about $40 million a year to distribute to cut […]

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About 30% of Denver’s homes lack air conditioning. Here’s the city’s environmentally friendly solution.

As temperatures rose to triple digits in Denver Tuesday, the city’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency released a plan outlining steps in which city residents can stay comfortable and safe through future heat waves — which are likely to get worse — without causing further damage to the environment. About 30% of Denver […]