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A judge may not call it racism, but Colorado attorneys say “implicit bias” is getting people kicked off juries

A proposal from Democratic state lawmakers to address “implicit” or unintentional racial bias in how people are excluded from Colorado jury service is stalled after facing unanimous opposition from the state’s district attorneys.  Proponents of Senate Bill 128 argue it would address what they say is a longstanding problem of people of color being disqualified […]

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Colorado plans to dramatically expand COVID-19 testing in schools next year, even as restrictions go away

Colorado plans to launch a massive, new coronavirus testing program available to schools statewide starting this fall, a measure health officials and educators say is crucial to minimize disruption to the education of kids too young to be vaccinated, particularly as a new Delta variant spreads across the state. Officials at the Colorado Department of […]

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Democrats on Colorado legislative panel kill GOP-backed bill to reduce state employees’ use of nondisclosure agreements

A Democrat-led Senate panel has killed a bill that would reduce the use among state employees of nondisclosure agreements. The bill’s Republican backers say public servants’ actions on the job should be transparent. Colorado Politics reports that Republican Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer’s bill would have barred state employees from abiding by nondisclosure and so-called non-disparagement agreements — with […]

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Voices of Colorado youth, amplified by activism and opportunity, find receptive ears with lawmakers

As a high school sophomore, Margot Swetich followed state Sen. Faith Winter to a building across the street from the State Capitol and into a meeting room, where an assortment of lobbyists peppered the Westminster Democrat with questions and objections to the contentious family leave bill she championed. Margot, then just 15, reeled from the […]

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Opinion: To recreate a great Colorado, we first need to reimagine the social compact, business and government

In March of this year, Gov. Jared Polis asked me to chair the Council on Economic Stabilization and Growth. With the support of several hundred Coloradans from throughout the state, we issued over 200 recommendations to stabilize the economy at the inception of the coronavirus crisis. Most were incorporated into gubernatorial executive orders, federal legislation […]