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Nicolais: Neil Gorsuch’s opinion presents another lesson in judicial independence

A nearly universal reaction to the equal rights victory for the LGBTQ community in Bostock v. Clayton County has been shock and surprise that Justice Neil Gorsuch, a Colorado native, wrote the opinion. In an otherwise wonderful story of perseverance and triumph, that shock remains a source of tremendous disappointment and detracts from a broader […]

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Colorado still allows killers to use gay or transgender “panic” defenses. But the strategy could soon be outlawed.

When Allen Andrade was charged with murdering a transgender woman in 2008, he argued that he killed her in the heat of passion after learning she had male genitalia. Andrade simply snapped, his attorneys said, and shouldn’t be sent to prison for the rest of his life.  In fact, Andrade’s attorneys claimed, he was provoked […]

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Opinion: When Colorado students learn about LGBTQ leaders, they will feel pride

Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson. Fifty years ago, these transgender women of color fought back against the discriminatory practices of the New York City Police Department at the Stonewall Inn. Their actions sparked an uprising, inspiring queer folks, drag queens, trans people and their allies to birth the modern-day LGBTQ rights movement. October is […]

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Nicolais: USA soccer’s Megan Rapinoe delivers another perfect cross into the mix

Megan Rapinoe caught the attention of social media and the president alike with a perfectly placed f-bomb in response to whether she would visit the White House. Colorado’s growing soccer community almost certainly grinned knowingly over the exchange. It isn’t the first time Rapinoe has delivered a deadly accurate lob into a heated battlefield. My […]

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Nicolais: Mark Kennedy’s journey on LGBTQ issues outweighs his congressional record

The debate over Mark Kennedy, the sole finalist to be the University of Colorado’s next president, has been consumed by votes he took a decade and a half ago while serving as a member of Congress. Specifically, opponents have highlighted Kennedy’s 2004 and 2006 votes to ban same-sex marriage. That singular focus is not only […]