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“A secret garden”: Hidden peonies on a farm near Pueblo became a public obsession

Just east of Pueblo, U.S. 50 stretches flat toward the plains, the glare of the sun muting the scrubby fields into dusty shades of brown and tan. It’s where the speed limit rises and you barely notice the trucking company yard, the cement plant or the wooden pallet-making company. South of the Arkansas River, where […]

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A tiny garden in Boulder is showing signs of stress from smog. The scientist behind it is thrilled.

The first time Danica Lombardozzi noticed tiny brown and black spots covering the leaves of her garden plants, she was thrilled. Her garden was serving its purpose. Each summer, Lombardozzi, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, watches excitedly as cutleaf coneflowers, milkweed, snap beans and potatoes sprout in a small garden […]

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How a small Colorado town fought the Japanese beetle and won

PALISADE — In 2003, Brant Harrison needed a project. The Palisade peach grower was part of an agricultural leadership program and needed something good. Around the same time, he attended a meeting hosted by Colorado State University about a new insect found in the area: Japanese beetles. They’d found a few in 2002.  “The next […]