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Colorado regulators back 2,000-foot setback for new oil and gas drilling in “paradigm shift”

All homes and schools in Colorado should be protected from new oil and gas drilling by a 2,000-foot buffer or setback – four times the current standard for urban areas, a majority of the members of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission said. In a session Wednesday to review proposed rule changes on setbacks, […]

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Colorado must cut half of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It will lean on oil and gas to do it.

Some of the biggest cuts in Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions will come from the electricity and transportation sectors, but hitting the state’s goal of a 26% reduction in emissions from 2005 levels in the next five years will depend on curbing oil and gas emissions, according to a state analysis. “To meet these goals, we […]

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Here’s who Gov. Polis just named to sit on the new, full-time panel regulating Colorado oil and gas

The full-time oil and gas commission that will handle the development of some of the most controversial regulations mandated by the legislature in 2019, was announced Monday by Gov. Jared Polis. The five-member commission, which takes over July 1, will replace the nine-member, volunteer body that has been working for the last year on regulations […]

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Trump’s fossil fuel agenda gets pushback from federal judges, including in Colorado

By Matthew Brown, The Associated Press BILLINGS, Mont. — Federal courts have delivered a string of rebukes to the Trump administration over what they found were failures to protect the environment and address climate change as it promotes fossil fuel interests and the extraction of natural resources from public lands. Judges have ruled administration officials […]

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Environmentalists worry Colorado will see a surge of abandoned oil and gas wells as industry tanks

As the oil market craters and the economy is throttled by the novel coronavirus pandemic, environmental and grassroots groups are worrying about a potential surge in abandoned oil and gas wells, but state regulators maintain that the risk appears to be limited. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission held a meeting Monday to review […]

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Colorado issues, like fracking and marijuana, divide the Democratic candidates for president

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination focuses on the big issues: health care, education, climate change — and who is best positioned to take on President Donald Trump in November. Ahead of the March 3 primary, Colorado voters also will weigh the candidates’ views on the issues that are uniquely important here: public lands, […]

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Carman: Coloradans aren’t stupid, no matter what the goons at Defend Colorado think

The secret deep pockets behind Defend Colorado are out to leverage ignorance. It’s a move right out of the Russian election interference playbook.  With apparently unlimited money and depravity, the organization has orchestrated a campaign of deception that relies on a gullible, credulous public.  Among its most craven tactics is a series of attack ads […]

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New attack ad from oil and gas industry ally blasts Gov. Jared Polis and Democrats for “junk science”

A dark-money conservative political organization allied with the oil and gas industry is taking aim at Colorado’s governor and a new administration report on health impacts from drilling operations, declaring “it’s time to fight back” against “Jared’s junk science.” The attack — airing on radio stations and appearing online — is the most aggressive assault […]