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What’s Working: Officials expect Colorado to have a full GDP recovery this year

New economic data has economists concluding that Colorado is now in full recovery.  New businesses? Filings made record gains in the first and second quarter this year, according to the Secretary of State’s office. Labor force participation rate? Colorado had the third-highest in the nation.  And our productivity? The state’s Gross Domestic Product growth rate […]

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Colorado’s final coronavirus vaccine preparations include practicing for high-stakes delivery road trips

At 8:06 a.m. on Tuesday, a plain cardboard box about the size of a large suitcase was placed on a dolly and wheeled out of a building near the busy runways at Denver International Airport.  The precious cargo inside represented — hopefully — the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic: vials of a […]

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As Denver airport’s passenger numbers have seen a meteoric rise, so have its cargo operations. And that says a lot.

It seems not a month goes by in which Denver International Airport isn’t touting a new passenger record.  But just a quick drive on the tarmac away from where all those people are getting on and off jets, another set of milestones are being achieved on the airport’s cargo ramp. That’s where the percentage increase […]