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Federal Communications Commission

Federal Communications Commission

Can companies like SpaceX finally bring broadband to thousands of rural Coloradans?

Unserved rural homes and businesses may finally get broadband thanks to $250 million in federal spending. But after looking at the maps, some have their doubts the money will reach its goal

Subsidized broadband program speeds up, but Colorado customers must upgrade to keep discount

The federal Lifeline program provides $9.25 to low-income consumers for wireless or broadband service. But the FCC’s upgrade on Dec. 1 may leave some CenturyLink or mobile customers behind -- and with higher bills.

Opinion: Facebook shouldn’t block a journalist tool revealing how political ads are targeted

How to tell who’s behind political messages flooding screens in Colorado ahead of the 2020 election

The political ads appearing on TV and social media and arriving in mailboxes are designed to influence voters, but the sender can be difficult to discern

Ahead of Super Tuesday, TV ad spending tops $9.4 million in Colorado thanks to one big spender

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg accounts for 78% of the TV ads in Colorado, but other candidates made last-minute buys

Rural Colorado sees more broadband options coming online. But getting up to speed is taking longer than anticipated in some areas.

The expansion goes nicely with the state’s goal to get rural Colorado up to speed -- to 92% by June from 87% today

Removing banned tech from China’s Huawei will cost rural Colorado telecoms over $300 million. Will it even fix the problem?

Sticking with gear made by Huawei Technologies means violating a national security order issued out of concerns it could be spying on American citizens and building backdoors into their software and equipment

From Denver to Durango, public-access TV channels still face budget threat after FCC decision

“One way or another, the order is a financial hit on communities with PEG programming," said Ken Fellman, legal counsel for the Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance.

Dish Network to begin offering mobile service as part of antitrust deal in T-Mobile-Sprint merger

U.S. Dept. of Justice made Sprint give up prepaid business and spectrum to Colorado’s Dish before OKing $26 billion merger. Dish plans to build 5G network

A federal proposal to limit cable-TV fees has public-access channels scrambling for survival

For some Coloradans, these community and government channels may offer the only coverage of City Council meetings

$1 million a week is being spent on TV ads in Coffman-Crow race, analysis shows

An analysis of FCC filings also shows big money from Republicans in state Senate contests