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How to tell who’s behind political messages flooding screens in Colorado ahead of the 2020 election

The television commercials are airing during Denver Broncos games. The mailers are filling the postal box. The texts are popping up on the phone. When they arrive, a series of questions come to mind: Who’s paying for these political messages? Are they truthful? What do the folks behind them want? The 2020 election has driven […]

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Ahead of Super Tuesday, TV ad spending tops $9.4 million in Colorado thanks to one big spender

Democratic presidential candidates spent $9.4 million on nearly 32,000 TV ads in Colorado with a handful of contenders targeting the state just as Super Tuesday arrives. The campaigns of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, a super PAC supporting Amy Klobuchar, and even President Donald Trump took to Colorado’s TV screens in the last […]

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Rural Colorado sees more broadband options coming online. But getting up to speed is taking longer than anticipated in some areas.

A rush of broadband service is moving into the outskirts of the state, where internet faster than 10 mbps seems scarcer than the number of people who live there. Ting Internet, already rolling out gigabit service to residents in the city of Centennial, acquired a Durango-based internet provider last month and just announced it will […]

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Removing banned tech from China’s Huawei will cost rural Colorado telecoms over $300 million. Will it even fix the problem?

Facing costs of more than $300 million to rip out equipment now banned by the U.S. government over national security concerns, Fort Morgan-based Viaero Wireless made its plea to the Federal Communications Commission last year to keep the Huawei Technologies parts it installed years ago. “The FCC’s proposed rule threatens Viaero’s ability to survive. Viaero […]

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From Denver to Durango, public-access TV channels still face budget threat after FCC decision

Public-access channels fearing funding cuts received a temporary reprieve as the Federal Communication Commission exempted the channels while approving new rules that limit how much cities can charge cable TV providers in franchise fees. The PEG channels —  short for public, educational and governmental access — are often one of the few local sources televising […]

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Dish Network to begin offering mobile service as part of antitrust deal in T-Mobile-Sprint merger

Dish Network is jumping into wireless phone service after federal antitrust regulators on Friday announced their approval for mobile carriers Sprint and T-Mobile to merge. As part of the approval, Douglas County-based Dish, best known for satellite TV service, will pick up Sprint’s prepaid business customers and some wireless spectrum in a deal valued at […]

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A federal proposal to limit cable-TV fees has public-access channels scrambling for survival

The devastating 416 Fire that burned 54,000 acres north of Durango last summer had residents scrambling for updates. They found them on DGOV TV, the community television channel run by Durango city employees. The channel put regular programming on hold June 1 and aired only emergency information for the rest of the month. And it […]

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$1 million a week is being spent on TV ads in Coffman-Crow race, analysis shows

The 6th Congressional District race between U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman and challenger Jason Crow reached toward another milestone: $1 million in television commercials in a single week. The big money  — mostly from party committees and outside organizations — represents nearly half of all TV ad spending in Colorado this election cycle, according to The […]