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What’d I Miss?: When the rich control communication platforms, what could go wrong?


Zornio: Is the Russian invasion of Ukraine the start of World War III?

Western democracies are hesitant to engage Putin directly, but we can’t launch a war that may have already been waged

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Weld County’s health department is no longer allowed to post about COVID on social media

46 people died from the coronavirus in Weld County last month. The commissioners say they'll no longer approve Facebook posts about vaccination against the disease.


Zornio: Could regulating Facebook help bring Americans back together?

Bipartisan efforts to crack down on Facebook could provide us a renewed sense of community, if not humility.

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Colorado Sun receives Facebook grant to extend statewide outreach

The Facebook Journalism Project awarded The Sun a $20,000 grant to help support digital initiatives

Sun News

A former DU student launched an app to change charitable giving. Now he hopes to turn it into the next big social media platform.

Reyn Aubrey built PocketChange on the concept of micro-donations. He’s reimagined it as a way to inject civility and good into the toxic online world.


What’s Working: Colorado’s job board has 82,000 openings. But are they real?

Plus, training options, new opportunities for small businesses and why calls to the unemployment helpline had just a 5-second wait on Friday.


Opinion: For Colorado’s small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic is the wrong time to rein in Big Tech

Their tools are a digital safety net that enable small businesses like mine to survive.

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Rep. Mark Baisley: It’s time to rein in Big Tech

If not, we face losing the entrepreneurial spirit and drive that has kept our economy the best in the world for generations.

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Opinion: Voluntary, piecemeal actions by online companies to cut down on misinformation are not enough

We need to have a substantive conversation about accountability, transparency, and regulation of social media platforms.

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Lauren Boebert vowed to shake things up in Congress. She has delivered in her first week.

The high school dropout with a history of minor run-ins with the law used her first tumultuous week in office to cement her far-right and extremist credentials while also setting off a widespread roar of criticism

Politics and Government

Colorado’s unemployment system slammed after email about jobless benefits is erroneously sent to many who are ineligible

The Colorado Department of Labor says the email “erroneously instructed” unemployed people to make a request for payment but not all were eligible. The note was intended to inform everyone about a computer upgrade and not about expiring or renewed federal benefits.


Colorado spearheads 35-state lawsuit accusing Google of operating a search-engine monopoly

Attorney General Phil Weiser is employing his experience in antitrust cases. This is the second major lawsuit announced this month that Weiser is helping lead against a tech company.

Crime and Courts

Colorado leads lawsuit from federal government, states accusing Facebook of “predatory” conduct

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is on the executive committee of attorneys general conducting the probe


Colorado’s unemployment system is so overwhelmed that strangers have resorted to helping each other

Forums and online groups have sprung up during the pandemic as the unemployed search for answers they’re not getting from the state Labor Department.


Opinion: Facebook shouldn’t block a journalist tool revealing how political ads are targeted

Opinion Columns

How to tell who’s behind political messages flooding screens in Colorado ahead of the 2020 election

The political ads appearing on TV and social media and arriving in mailboxes are designed to influence voters, but the sender can be difficult to discern

Election 2020

“Social Dilemma” movement wants to force change at tech companies. Lawmakers do too.

Boulder director Jeff Orlowski hopes viewers of “The Social Dilemma” will fuel a campaign to force Facebook, Google, Twitter and others toward a more humane business model, or enlist lawmakers to better regulate the social media giants.


Big Tech asserts its influence in Colorado, but the U.S. Senate candidates aren’t willing to discuss it

Amid debate in Congress, Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper have said little about whether more regulation is needed for the technology industry

Politics and Government

Denver’s vacant office space is piling up, but don’t blame coronavirus and work-from-home trends

In May, downtown Denver's subleases rose 65% over last year. But a soft market isn’t deterring Facebook from expanding in the city.

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