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Carman: Here’s a step-by-step guide for handling selfish bastards who won’t wear a mask

For four months, Gov. Jared Polis has tried to appeal to our intellects with thorough presentations of the facts. He’s used flattery, suggesting that Coloradans are special and exceptional in our willingness to cooperate to protect each other’s health and to preserve our cherished way of life. He’s expressed empathy for all of us who […]

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New function for Phunkshun masks weaves connections through Colorado’s cut-and-sew community

When the pandemic shutdown hit, Jason Badgley sent his 16 employees home and locked the doors at his newly expanded Phunkshun Wear manufacturing shop.  Two weeks later on April 3, Gov. Jared Polis asked Coloradans to start wearing masks and slipped a custom-made covering over his face. The Phunkshun label was just below his right […]

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I ache for the 2020 high school and college seniors who missed graduation traditions

COVID-19 Commencement Instead offuzzy dicerosary beadsTibetan bellscrystals amuletssunglassesparking permits and 2020 tassels face masks now hangfrom rear-view mirrors. MORE: See all of our Write On, Colorado entries and learn how to submit your own here. Andrea Doray is an author, poet and essayist who advocates for free speech, freedom of the press and funny stories. She lives […]

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Uncertainty fuels coronavirus scams, misinformation around Colorado

Robocalls offering help getting stimulus checks. Posts on Facebook that suggest vitamins and essential oils to combat COVID-19. Debates on Twitter over the number of people diagnosed with coronavirus. Misleading information about rules on when to wear a face mask. There’s plenty of misinformation and disinformation circulating as Coloradans and the rest of the world […]