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Auto companies want to make EVs easily accessible for Colorado consumers. Will a subscription plan work?

You’re a modern human. So you’re well aware that the modern world is trying to subscription-ize everything.  You’ve considered, accepted or rejected subscriptions to monthly mystery boxes of new clothing, refills on laundry detergent, earthy boxes of organic vegetables or pandemic-escapism children’s toys.  How about subscribing to an electric vehicle?  Autonomy and other startups are […]

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Xcel Energy’s new electric vehicle incentives include used-car rebates, wiring homes for chargers

Xcel Energy’s new roster of electric vehicle rebates is winning praise from environmental groups, with Colorado’s dominant utility expanding incentives to include used vehicles, speeding up the all-important charging network and working with landlords to install apartment chargers.  Xcel is also asking customers who use the charging station incentives to sign up for a demand […]

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Can anyone keep climate-friendly homes off the gas grid? A community in Arvada is trying.

The engineers and climate science enthusiasts living in Arvada’s Geos homes are famously in control of everything in their 28-home neighborhood.  They can tell you that when it’s 20 degrees outside, an efficient exchanger can transfer 90% of the indoor air’s existing heat energy to incoming fresh air. They can tell you how far their […]

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Colorado wants to add EV chargers to rest areas, but the federal government is blocking the road

By Nathaniel Minor, CPR News Sometime in the near future, Colorado Department of Transportation officials would like for you to be able to pull over at one of its rest areas and charge your electric vehicle. But federal law that prevents the commercialization of interstate right-of-ways — including rest areas, park-and-rides, and similar facilities across […]

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About 30% of Denver’s homes lack air conditioning. Here’s the city’s environmentally friendly solution.

As temperatures rose to triple digits in Denver Tuesday, the city’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency released a plan outlining steps in which city residents can stay comfortable and safe through future heat waves — which are likely to get worse — without causing further damage to the environment. About 30% of Denver […]