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Colorado, two other states pass amendments clarifying that “only citizens” can vote

A Florida-based organization called Citizen Voters, Inc., funded a majority of the state campaigns for these amendments — including $1.4 million towards Colorado's efforts

Drew Litton: Colorado’s fall clean-up

What’d I Miss?: Presidential (third) party pooper

What’d I Miss?: Days of depression

Drew Litton: It’s garbage time in Colorado

Lauren Boebert discusses, defends her backstory during Durango visit

"I wish more members of Congress had the life experiences that I’ve had," said the Republican upstart running in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District

Colorado is debating abortion access again, and it’s quickly getting emotional

Opponents of Proposition 115 have reserved almost $1 million in TV ad time for October, while supporters have launched a social media campaign

Cory Gardner works to improve his image with first TV ad as Democratic rivals draw sharp differences in forum

The Republican senator’s first campaign ad of the 2020 cycle begins airing on television Friday. Democratic primary rivals John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff faced off Thursday night at a streamed forum.

Bernie Sanders drops 2020 bid after winning Colorado primary, leaving Joe Biden as likely nominee

Sanders won the most delegates and the popular vote in Colorado's March 3 primary. Biden came in second.

What’d I Miss?: Warren peace on

The 6 numbers that tell the story of Colorado’s Democratic presidential primary

It was a big night for Bernie Sanders in the state, but Joe Biden also exceeded expectations. Elizabeth Warren came up short and didn’t win a single Colorado county.

Bernie Sanders sees Bloomberg as a threat in Colorado’s presidential primary — and a perfect foil

At Sanders’ downtown Denver rally on Sunday night, he and his surrogates all attacked the former New York mayor, who is investing heavily in Colorado

We now know the full cost of Colorado’s full-day kindergarten expansion

The additional cost associated with full-day kindergarten is $204 million, of which the state is responsible for $198.3 million, according to legislative analysts

Jim Morrissey: Some jackpot

Drew Litton: Surf’s up!