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Colorado prosecutors warn DUI-testing mess could have impacts far beyond drunken driving cases

Two district attorneys representing some of Colorado’s largest counties are warning that problems with the state’s ability to conduct blood testing in driving under the influence cases could have much broader impacts across the criminal justice system if they aren’t quickly resolved.  That includes placing in jeopardy cases ranging from vehicular homicide to murder, where […]

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A change to Colorado’s DUI testing system has stoked fears of dropped cases and could shutter a private business

Big questions are swirling around Colorado’s ability to carry out blood tests and prosecute offenders in driving under the influence cases after a policy switch that could jeopardize cases and put a private lab out of business.  The Colorado Bureau of Investigation on July 1 began testing blood drawn during DUI investigations for free in […]

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CDOT invested nearly $1 million in federal funds to explore personal breathalyzers as an antidote to drunken driving. Can technology win out?

Mike Linquist was hanging out at a friend’s house last summer with some buddies, watching a game and drinking beer, although he allows that “there may have been some shots involved.” It got late and most of the friends left. Linquist crashed in a spare room. The next morning, rested but hung over, he reached […]