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Dominick Moreno

Dominick Moreno
Dominick Moreno

Colorado Democrats aim to quickly pass property tax relief to head off ballot measure from business group, conservatives

Democrats are trying to quickly introduce and pass property tax reduction legislation to head off a 2022 ballot measure from Colorado Concern. Polling indicates that measure may be doomed from the start.

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Steve Fenberg selected as next president of the Colorado Senate

Sen. Dominick Moreno, a Commerce City Democrat who sits on the legislature’s powerful Joint Budget Committee, was selected as the chamber’s new majority leader

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Colorado’s pension system missed out on millions after lawmakers parked cash in low-interest account

“Our money isn’t making money,” said one state senator of PERA savings account

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Some failed Colorado congressional candidates still have lots of money in their campaign accounts. Here’s why.

Republican Cory Gardner and Democrat Mike Johnston have more than $1 million left over. They could potentially use it for future campaigns.

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“Harassment, vitriol and violent threats”: Colorado’s top elections official is asking for security

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has requested about $200,000 annually from the legislature for guards and threat monitoring

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The Colorado legislature’s IOU to the state’s public pensions is growing as retiree benefits get cut

Public employees are now paying more in exchange for worse benefits than their predecessors

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Housing, workforce development, infrastructure: How Colorado Democrats plan to spend $3.8B in federal aid

About $2 billion will be allocated before the 2021 legislative session ends by June 12.

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Colorado governor signs $34 billion budget into law, setting aside historic reserves and funding $800M stimulus package

The budget does not include $3.8 billion in federal coronavirus stimulus money heading to Colorado as part of the American Rescue Plan

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8 big things you need to know about Colorado’s $34 billion state budget

The legislature has hundreds of millions more to spend than it was anticipating after Colorado’s economy fared better than expected during the pandemic.

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Colorado’s 2022 budget boosts K-12 spending, reverses higher ed cuts

School districts would receive about 10% more per pupil from the state. Budget writers also OK a 7% tuition hike at the University of Northern Colorado, and 3% at other colleges


Opinion: Colorado leaders must enact lasting reform to prevent evictions and promote an equitable recovery

Our housing affordability crisis long preceded COVID-19 but has been illuminated and exacerbated by the pandemic.

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4 charts explaining Colorado’s sharply improving economy, even as low-income workers lag behind

The outlook is so rosy that lawmakers may even be forced to return money to Coloradans in the coming years because of government growth restrictions imposed by the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights


Colorado competes with other states for wildfire-fighting aircraft. Climate change makes that a big problem.

Lawmakers have signed off on spending tens of millions of dollars to bolster Colorado’s access to fire-dousing planes and helicopters. That’s crucial as blazes grow bigger and more plentiful -- and erupt beyond summer.


Gov. Jared Polis wanted quick action on his $1.3 billion stimulus plan. Colorado lawmakers want more time.

Legislative budget writers decided that the governor’s measures needed more consideration and debate and didn’t fit the definition for mid-year spending adjustments

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Colorado’s fiscal future looks brighter. Now lawmakers must decide how to spend the unexpected windfall.

The December revenue forecasts from the governor’s office and legislative economists show the recovery is impacting high-wage and low-wage workers differently

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The 2020 election untied and retied the fiscal knot in Colorado with decisions on Gallagher and taxes

In the 2020 election, the fickle Colorado electorate sent mixed messages on taxes and spending with big implications for the future

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Opinion: Prop. 116 would divert money from schools and health care. Why you should vote no.

Colorado legislators say that Proposition 116 would make economic hardships and disparities even worse

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17-year-olds would no longer be able to vote in Colorado primaries if ballot question passes

Amendment 76 will ask voters in November to specify that only U.S. citizens age 18 and older are eligible to participate in Colorado elections

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Marlboro’s owners negotiated Colorado’s proposed tobacco tax hike — and it could help them dominate the cigarette market

The ballot question, if approved by voters in November, would require a pack of cigarettes to be sold for no less than $7 starting in January. That could effectively hand more market share to Altria.

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5 new insights into Gov. Jared Polis’ coronavirus response and how COVID-19 is affecting Colorado

The Polis administration was called before state lawmakers on Tuesday to talk about its spending and policy decisions around the pandemic

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