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Convicted of illegal voting. Then not. Then convicted again: A small Colorado town’s 4-year-old election saga continues

Elections can have lasting consequences, they say. But usually not like this. In July, Marie Rossmiller was found guilty of illegally voting in the wrong precinct for a second time after her original conviction in the case dating back four years was tossed out on appeal.  Now, the 76-year-old is appealing her conviction — again […]

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Warnings are working (for now) to keep visitors out of Colorado’s high country. But tickets, legal battles loom.

Police in Colorado’s mountain communities are doing a lot of educating and even issuing written warnings to violators of local and state health orders designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  But if mask mandates, closures, restrictions and locals-only access rules linger for months, warnings will soon turn to tickets. And that worries Western […]

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DA makes rare ask of Colorado Supreme Court to review overturned illegal voting conviction from small town

It’s the small-town controversy with no end in sight.  Dan Hostenpiller, the 7th Judicial District attorney, has asked the Colorado Supreme Court to review the overturned illegal voting conviction from a tiny Gunnison County town, warning that without a remedy his ability to stop people from unlawfully casting ballots is in jeopardy. It’s a rare […]

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Illegal voting conviction in small Colorado town that prompted call for federal investigation is overturned

A judge has overturned the illegal voting conviction of a woman from a small Colorado mountain town in a case that grabbed headlines last year and prompted state officials to ask for a federal investigation into a district attorney. A Gunnison County District Court judge ruled last month that a lower court erred when it […]

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Big questions about voting rights — and short-term rentals — splinter tiny Colorado town of Pitkin

Trouble began brewing in the Colorado mountain town of Pitkin the way trouble often begins in small towns: in a debate over the prospect of change. When the tiny Gunnison County municipality held its first trustee election in a decade, the April 2016 vote was really a referendum on whether or not to allow short-term […]