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Dan Hotsenpiller

Dan Hotsenpiller
Dan Hotsenpiller

Convicted of illegal voting. Then not. Then convicted again: A small Colorado town’s 4-year-old election saga continues

After a district court judge tossed out Marie Rossmiller’s conviction for voting in the wrong precinct in a 2016 municipal election in Pitkin, a lower court reviewed the case and in July found her guilty again

Politics and Government

Warnings are working (for now) to keep visitors out of Colorado’s high country. But tickets, legal battles loom.

A complex map of coronavirus restrictions raises legal issues for district attorneys in Colorado's high country who may have to prosecute people who violate health orders.


DA makes rare ask of Colorado Supreme Court to review overturned illegal voting conviction from small town

7th Judicial District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller wants the state’s highest judges to review the overturned illegal voting conviction of Marie Rossmiller from the tiny town of Pitkin

Crime and Courts

Illegal voting conviction in small Colorado town that prompted call for federal investigation is overturned

Marie Rossmiller was convicted last year of voting in the wrong precinct of tiny Pitkin. In May, a judge ruled that the case had been improperly handled by a lower court.

Politics and Government

Big questions about voting rights — and short-term rentals — splinter tiny Colorado town of Pitkin

Colorado's deputy secretary of state has called for a federal investigation of Voting Rights Act violations after Gunnison County's DA prosecuted eight people for improperly voting in town's first trustee election in a decade.