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COVID-19 hot spots like Colorado may offer a sign of what’s ahead for the U.S.

Hospitals in New Mexico and Colorado are overwhelmed


Colorado’s governor always said hospital capacity would dictate a new mask mandate. So why hasn’t he issued one?

Jared Polis vowed Aug. 12 to take action before Colorado’s hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients. They are nearly overwhelmed.


Colorado dangles free transit on bad pollution days. But will there be anyone to ride? Or drive?

Northern Colorado transit systems struggling to lure back riders can’t restore full service because there aren’t enough drivers and that may be keeping customers away.


Governor prepares to expand Colorado’s COVID hospital capacity, push vaccine requirement for large indoor events

Gov. Jared Polis said that the steps he has taken so far to combat rising COVID hospitalizations “are not going to be enough”


Some Denver-area schools are closing, going remote this week due to staff shortages

In Denver, one high school switched to remote learning starting Wednesday, warning that online classes could be extended through Nov. 19


Littwin: Who you gonna believe on vaccines, Aaron Rodgers or that commie, Big Bird?

Rodgers, the NFL star quarterback, can’t believe that “the woke mob” just won’t listen to his side of the story. Could it be because he’s a stone cold liar?

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Are COVID-19 boosters the same as the original vaccines?

The vaccines weren't tweaked to better match delta because they're still working well


Colorado loosening requirements for hospital staff as COVID continues to surge

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment authorized so-called crisis standards of care in regards to hospital staffing


All Colorado adults are eligible to receive a COVID-19 booster shot, state says

Dr. Eric France, the state health department's chief medical officer, said Tuesday that the recommendation is in line with federal guidance


Colorado’s slim chance at herd immunity is slipping away as people’s COVID-19 protection wanes

Data from UCHealth University of Colorado hospital illuminates the debate over immunity from infection vs vaccination


Metro Denver health officials urge mask wearing amid COVID surge

Colorado and the Denver metro area continue to see steady increases in COVID-19 cases


Federal judge extends order blocking students from opting out of Douglas County school mask mandate

U.S. District Court Judge John Kane said he would dismiss the case if the health board rescinds its order


Littwin: It was a very bad week for Jared Polis. Should that mean anything for Dems in 2022?

In Virginia, the state whose turn from red to blue is most like Colorado’s, a Republican won the governor’s race for the first time since 2009. A year from now Colorado will get its test.

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Carman: Hostility is all around us, but we don’t have to be addicted to outrage

Amid ongoing anger over COVID-19 and the presidential election, public officials have been threatened, flight attendants have been assaulted and hatred is spreading

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What’s Working: A third-quarter check on Colorado’s economy and more on worker deaths and COVID

Inflation is on the rise, but not new business startups. Also: $600 million to pare down state’s $1 billion unemployment loan, Denver tops for wage growth and more!


There are less than 100 intensive care beds available in Colorado as COVID cases continue to rise

As of Friday, there were 1,296 people with COVID-19 in Colorado hospitals


What is driving Colorado’s COVID surge? Not even the experts are sure.

In addition to coronavirus cases, delayed health care during the pandemic has come back to haunt Colorado hospitals


Colorado launches program to help homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments

Money is available to cover 3 months of past-due mortgage payments, but it may be too late for some homeowners in the foreclosure process.


Colorado hospitals are so full they just did something they haven’t done all pandemic

The Colorado Hospital Association says increasing COVID-19 cases in the state are placing a “monumental” strain on health care capacity


U.S. gives final clearance to COVID-19 shots for kids 5 to 11

Millions of shots made by Pfizer and its partner BioNTech have already been shipped to states, doctors’ offices and pharmacies, to be ready for CDC's decision

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