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Colorado Democrats make specific CORE Act executive action request to President Joe Biden

Colorado’s U.S. senators, along with U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse and Gov. Jared Polis, sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Thursday laying out the specific executive actions they’d like him to take to boost protections for federal public land that would otherwise be shielded under the long-languishing Colorado Outdoor Recreation — or CORE — Act. Here’s what the Democrats want: An […]

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With the CORE Act stalled, its supporters want Biden to protect Colorado’s public lands right now through executive action

CAMP HALE —Supporters of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Economy Act, after watching the bill fail to advance past the U.S. Senate for several years, are asking President Joe Biden to take executive action to protect the tens of thousands of acres of federal land in Colorado the measure aims to shield. And they appear to […]

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Hard-right rooted group has made inroads in Colorado opposing Biden’s vision for public lands

Land grab or precious-resource preservation? The battle over where the truth  ̶  and where Westerners’ hearts  ̶  lie on that matter is rumbling through Colorado counties as a federal government initiative nicknamed 30×30 gains momentum, and opposition. Colorado has become the beachhead in a Texas-based group’s efforts to use local governments to thwart the Biden […]

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Opinion: This year brings a fresh chance to protect special lands across the West

The year 2021 has brought new energy and urgency for the important work of conservation. With ever-present reminders of climate change in the form of wildfires,  extreme weather events, the  decline of wildlife species, and a changing natural landscape, protecting what is so special about our home in Colorado has become a priority for voters […]

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Opinion: Colorado’s outdoor enthusiasts and the businesses that serve them have a strong advocate in Congress

In a state like Colorado, outdoor recreation is an integral part of life, and after a year of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, more and more people are turning to the outdoors to benefit their physical and mental health.  As the city of Boulder continues to grieve and recover from the tragic mass shooting on March […]