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Littwin: It’s been a tough week for conspiracy theorists. Is Trump’s Big Lie next on the docket?

Under ordinary circumstances, I would never do this, but I feel I have no choice but to say a few words about Alex Jones, who is now America’s most thoroughly disgraced right-wing grifter and — please excuse the language — scumbag. The InfoWars host is not nearly as important a fake conspiracy theorist as say, […]

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Carman: If you liked the Y2K scam, you’re gonna love QAnon trolls and their lies

My friend Helen, who died last year at the age of 90, went through a serious conspiracy theory phase 20-some years ago. She had retired from a nursing career that had provided purpose, satisfaction and friendship for more than 40 years. She was grieving the recent death of her husband, adrift and feeling vulnerable.  She […]

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Colorado’s GOP U.S. House candidate Lauren Boebert is latest linked to QAnon conspiracy theory

By Jim Anderson, Nicholas Riccardi and Alan Fram, The Associated Press When Lauren Boebert was asked in May about QAnon, she didn’t shy away from the far-right conspiracy theory, which advances unproven allegations about a so-called deep state plot against President Donald Trump that involves satanism and child sex trafficking. “Everything that I’ve heard of […]

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A summer hire to manage a drilling operation finds his job complicated by intrigue, murder — and interns

J. A. (John) Turley is an engineer by education and experience. He and his family lived across the U.S. and in the UK before settling in Colorado in 1998. After retirement, he took up writing fiction. His entry “Body Shots” won the 2008 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Mystery award, and he has been […]