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Supporters of Colorado’s pay-transparency law eye protections for workers “blackballed” by national employers

Democratic state lawmakers behind a law requiring companies to include a salary range in any job posting are eyeing changes to the policy following reports that out-of-state employers are refusing to hire Coloradans to work for them remotely because of the provision.  But the lawmakers and other proponents of the 2019 legislation aren’t interested in […]

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Opinion: Embracing technology will propel Colorado’s economic recovery from COVID-19

The year 2020 began with a global pandemic that crippled the economy, upended daily routines, and saw heightened political and cultural tensions.  But all this has made clear that, second to the coronavirus, Colorado’s economic recovery is the top of mind for voters across the state.  With the election behind us, we need political leaders […]

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Broadcom orders its software employees to return to work a week before Colorado will allow others

Before Gov. Jared Polis said reopening the state would begin slowly on Monday, Broadcom engineer Andrei Taraschuk, who works at the San Jose-based chipmaker’s Broomfield office, was shocked to get a note from his company telling everyone to show up in the office starting April 27.  He tweeted his disgust: “As of today, @Broadcom employees […]

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Denver’s tech ecosystem is a work in progress as companies come and grow — and others get sold

The Colorado tech community cheered when email service SendGrid had its initial public offering in November. Finally, a home-grown business was moving to the level that so many startups aspire to. Less than a year later, SendGrid last week said it was being acquired for $2 billion in stock by Twilio, a firm that does […]