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Opinion: It’s time for Colorado’s teachers to “know better” about the science of reading

Early in my teaching career, like many other educators, I used a balanced-literacy approach and believed that using the “three-cueing” theory of reading instruction was sufficient for teaching my primary grade students how to read. (As the journal EducationWeek recently defined it, three-cueing is a strategy that “involves prompting students to draw on context and […]

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Opinion: Colorado lawmakers should reject a charter-school bill that deprioritizes kids

House Bill 1295 was introduced last month at the Colorado Capitol with the innocuous title, “Rebuttable Presumption in Charter School Appeals.” Despite this seemingly harmless name, the bill actually represents one of the more dangerous proposals brought forth against students and families this entire legislative session.   Sponsored by state Rep. Jennifer Bacon, D-Denver, who is […]

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“They silenced us”: Colorado parents-turned-teachers want schools, lawmakers to give them a voice

Last month, lawmakers on the Colorado House and Senate education committees listened virtually to learn how the fall semester was going for schools, with a few teachers, superintendents and leaders from education groups dissecting the start of the year. Outside of some words shared by the Colorado Parent Teacher Association during the eight-hour session, lawmakers […]