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Colorado School of Public Health

Colorado School of Public Health
Colorado School of Public Health

How programs across Colorado aim to end “period poverty” with free tampons and pads

People who menstruate sometimes find themselves choosing between buying food and paying for hygiene products. Schools and charities are trying to change that equation.


A Colorado clinic’s prescription for healthier patients? Lawyers.

Every day in Commerce City, four lawyers join the physicians, psychiatrists and social workers at Salud Family Health Centers’ clinic, where mending legal ills is as important for health as diet and exercise.


Smoke from faraway wildfires may be worse for Coloradans than if it came from blazes in their own backyards

Some initial studies have shown that long-range smoke may be more toxic and since one of its characteristics is that its smoky smell disappears, it is sneakier.


Why coronavirus vaccine booster shots may help you, and why they may not help society

A booster shot of a COVID-19 vaccine will likely give people a little extra protection. But some health leaders wonder at what cost.


Colorado is inching toward coronavirus herd immunity – but not just due to the vaccine

The state’s uneven vaccination rates mean the pandemic has splintered into “a series of epidemics,” one top epidemiologist says


Opinion: The world is on fire from COVID-19. If we work together, we can put out the flames.

No country will be safe from the pandemic until the rapid spread is stopped everywhere, especially in large countries living in poverty.

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Some of the worst ozone pollution in the U.S. settles along the Front Range. New rules to fix it are ahead.

Colorado has made some progress toward reducing the chemical dangerous to human health. But it will take leaning on automobiles and oil and gas producers to really move the needle.


Opinion: Access and information, not hesitancy, are the biggest challenges in getting more Coloradans vaccinated

The hesitancy we need to confront is not in the hearts and minds of Coloradans of color — it is in the institutions that exist to serve them.

Opinion Columns

More than 20 Colorado counties are poised to move to the lowest level of coronavirus restrictions

The changes come as the state implements "Dial 3.0," which makes it significantly easier for counties to achieve less-restrictive status


Why Coloradans should get the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, despite headlines about lower efficacy

The clinical trials figures might not mean what you think they do and other arguments that Colorado health leaders make in favor of getting the Johnson & Johnson shot


An Aurora doctor tried to prioritize refugees for the coronavirus vaccine. Colorado told him to stop.

“We need health affirmative action,” says Dr. P.J. Parmar, who tried to make sure the 500 vaccine doses he gets each week go to people who live in the 80010 ZIP code


Confusion and omissions dampen hopes for speedy COVID-19 vaccinations of unhoused Coloradans

Providers are concerned about getting unhoused people back for the required second dose of coronavirus vaccine.


In latest coronavirus data, Colorado researchers can glimpse the end of the pandemic

As long as the state maintains current levels of social distancing, the risk of overrunning hospitals has likely passed, according to new modeling projections


Colorado school outbreaks nearly doubled in November as coronavirus cases surged

A Chalkbeat analysis found that K-12 schools account for 14% of outbreaks but only 5% of cases from outbreaks. Colleges and universities represent only 2% of outbreaks but 16% of cases.


Colorado’s coronavirus deaths haven’t yet spiked as cases have. Health leaders say that’s not a reason for complacency.

Though hospitals are better at treating COVID-19 patients now than in the spring, strained hospital capacity makes it harder to sustain those advances


Colorado coronavirus cases reach highest levels since end of July

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported 3,439 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the week ending Sunday, showing an increase of about 1,100 cases compared to the previous week


A huge number of Coloradans already say they won’t get a coronavirus vaccine. Will politics make it worse?

Liberals are most likely to say they will get vaccinated, but distrust of the Trump administration could change that


Fight over Colorado setback rule sets up make-or-break hearing on how close is too close for oil and gas

The drawn-out battle over state rulemaking still centers on how far operations should be set back from homes and schools. But environmentalists say residents should not be “guinea pigs” while the work is done.


Colorado’s coronavirus cases are back under control, but could Labor Day and school reopenings cause a new spike?

The latest modeling data in Colorado shows problems ahead if Labor Day celebrations are like those for the Fourth of July


Months before its arrival, Colorado tries to answer the question: Who should get the coronavirus vaccine first?

The priority system will depend on a number of factors that doctors and scholars can’t yet assess

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