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Kiowa County deputy accused of killing unarmed man had history of using deadly force

Kiowa County sheriff ignored questionable incidents, records show.

Crime and Courts

How a rural Colorado traffic stop left a man dead and a sheriff’s deputy facing criminal charges

In the 11 months since Zach Gifford, the unarmed passenger in a car pulled over for a traffic violation, was shot and killed by Kiowa County Sheriff's officers, charges have been filed against a deputy. But his family and friends still have unanswered questions.

Crime and Courts

Opinion: Voluntary, piecemeal actions by online companies to cut down on misinformation are not enough

We need to have a substantive conversation about accountability, transparency, and regulation of social media platforms.

Opinion Columns

On Edge: Heightened anxiety, depression are testing Colorado’s already-frayed safety nets

As coronavirus makes another virulent run through Colorado, a silent epidemic of mental health challenges is feeding on the anxiety and isolation of the pandemic.


A test of Colorado mail finds delivery is timely — most of the time

Rhetoric from Washington, D.C., has people worried about the U.S. Postal Service's ability to deliver mail-in ballots. An unscientific assessment of delivery times in Colorado shows the system works pretty well.

Politics and Government

Supreme Court ruling on DACA brings more time, but no less uncertainty for Coloradans

In their own voices: Five Colorado young people explain how DACA shaped their lives and what the Supreme Court's decision means to them.