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Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

New Colorado health insurance subsidies open as search for people eligible but not enrolled ramps up

American Rescue Plan subsidies increase Thursday, and residents can apply through Aug. 15 for a broadly expanded menu of premium help


Colorado already allows prescription drug imports from Canada. Lawmakers want to open it up to more countries.

Colorado and 11 other states want to expand programs to directly import medications, most of which are manufactured in other countries. The law passed in 2019 to allow Canadian imports hasn't yet been implemented.


Too many empty beds at Colorado nursing homes leave the industry in financial distress

Two corporate operators are pulling back from the state, attempting to transfer a combined 29 nursing homes into new hands.


Colorado hospitals’ profit margins are nation’s highest as state lawmakers move to cap health care costs

A new financial analysis for the Colorado Business Group on Health pegs medical profits at $2.8 billion in 2018, and critiques heavy concentration of hospital power for causing the state’s high prices


Colorado takes a step toward importing drugs from Canada, but the start date is still two years away

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing predicts big prescription cost savings -- but not for the state’s Medicaid program


In a Colorado long-term care facility during coronavirus, and desperate to get out

There are significant barriers that keep people in nursing homes that they would rather not live in. Affordable housing is a huge one.


Health care coverage for more than a half-million Coloradans at stake in Obamacare fight at Supreme Court

State law is a backstop to many of the most popular consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act


Coronavirus will add 500,000 people to Colorado’s Medicaid rolls — with major consequences for the health care system

From hospital profits to insurance prices to policy debates, the pandemic has reshaped the debate about health care in Colorado


Mental health care in Colorado has gone virtual thanks to coronavirus. For some patients, it’s long overdue.

Community mental health clinics are still open during the pandemic, but therapists are meeting with clients in privacy-protected online sessions.


Colorado is banking on telehealth to slow coronavirus. But many rural hospitals lack necessary resources.

Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rules changed on Wednesday, but rural hospitals say they still face significant financial barriers to get the virtual systems in place fast enough to make a difference


$10,000-a-day fines and other things to know about Colorado’s new public health insurance option bill

Hospitals and insurance companies are required to participate in the plan, which lawmakers finally introduced Thursday


Colorado wants to let pharmacists write prescriptions for HIV prevention drugs

House Bill 1061 to make PrEP available at pharmacies without a doctor's visit is aimed at eliminating HIV infections in Colorado as prevention funding is cut and access plateaus


5 numbers that explain why Colorado lawmakers want more insight into prescription drug costs

Democrats are trying again this year to pass a bill requiring pharmaceutical companies to be more transparent about price increases and rebates


Colorado vowed to end the waitlist for an adult disability program by 2020. Nearly 3,000 people are still waiting.

The Medicaid program provides 24/7 care for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The average wait is currently eight years.

Politics and Government

Speciality drugs are saving lives in Colorado and beyond. But who should pay for them?

High-profile cases in Colorado expose the disconnect between drug manufacturers and insurance companies in the era of personalized medicine


Colorado hospitals — under increased scrutiny — raised prices and saw more profit, new report says

The report from the Polis administration shows per-patient profits at Colorado hospitals reached their highest level in at least a decade in 2018


Your guide to all the ways health care may be about to change in Colorado

Health care looks to be one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- fight in the coming legislative session. How it turns out will shape how you receive and pay for medical services in the future.


Medicaid law forcing caregivers to be tracked by GPS inspires privacy backlash from Colorado’s disabled community

The aim is to reduce Medicaid fraud by requiring therapists, respite workers and nurses to log in and verify their location when they visit someone’s home to provide care. But backlash, especially from the parents of children with disabilities, has been fierce.


Opinion: Protect Colorado’s Medicaid, CHP+ enrollees amid federal pressure

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Colorado may try to import prescription drugs from more countries than just Canada

The idea is one of several lawmakers are drafting, as Gov. Jared Polis’ administration signals a new campaign to fight rising pharmaceutical costs

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