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Colorado Department of Corrections

Colorado Department of Corrections
Colorado Department of Corrections

Colorado man first to test positive for bird flu in the U.S., likelihood of spread low

Human infections of H5N1 are rare, with risks increasing when working with infected birds. The man was exposed while working at a commercial farm on a prison pre-release employment program.


Colorado’s new professional ultimate disc team wants to grow the sport — so it turned to young offenders

The mostly white sport is looking for new recruits, and young offenders are looking for better ways to learn how to communicate with each other


Opinion: End private prisons in Colorado

They operate on the cheap, churn more employees, and produce worse results than state-run prisons

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Lawsuit claims Colorado is violating anti-slavery law by pressuring inmates to work despite health concerns

Two inmates claim they effectively had days added to their sentences when they refused to work in 2020

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Nearly half of all people released from prison in Colorado return in 3 years. A $1.1 million program aims to reverse the trend.

Recruiting “first-chance” employers willing to hire people just out of prison is critical to the program, which also will fund training, mentoring and other support

Crime and Courts

Where did the wild horses removed from Sand Wash Basin go? A Colorado state prison.

Mustang advocates who wanted the horses to remain free now are frustrated by a lack of access to holding pens at the prison. One beloved horse was euthanized.


Colorado inmate dies after being assaulted by fellow prisoner

Glen Young, 35, was seen assaulting Gerado Banda, 23, at a prison near Cañon City on Wednesday

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Colorado prison inmates fight wildfires while they’re serving time, but can’t get hired when they get out

A new law signed by Gov. Jared Polis is intended to help former prison inmates who worked on fire crews get jobs in the fire service after release.


Coronavirus lockdowns in prisons test limits of Colorado’s rules on solitary confinement

To slow the spread of COVID-19, the Colorado Department of Corrections isolated inmates in single-person cells, sometimes for weeks or months. The state says people should be in solitary for no more than 15 days.

Crime and Courts

For incarcerated youth in Colorado, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t over yet

Colorado ranks among the 12 states with the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses in juvenile detention facilities.


Colorado may expand early prison release program for people who committed serious crimes before age 21

Proponents of a House Bill 1209 argue some adolescents shouldn’t be punished with long sentences for crimes committed in their youth. But some crime victims’ families oppose the measure.

Politics and Government

How expensive is it to call Colorado jails and prisons? Lawmakers want to find out.

Two companies, Securus and Global Tel Link, dominate the market for phone services at correctional facilities. Lawmakers have a plan to force transparency into the costs to families and inmates.

Politics and Government

Colorado is offering prison staff $500 to get COVID-19 vaccines in effort to boost low inoculation rates

The $500, subject to normal taxes and withholdings, will come from the agency budget to fund the bonus for those who complete vaccination by May 15


Key witness in Kelsey Berreth murder case resentenced and released on parole

Krystal Jean Kenney, 34, was released Tuesday from Denver Women's Correctional Facility after being resentenced to 18 months in prison for evidence tampering in the 2018 murder of a Woodland Park mom.

Crime and Courts

Colorado could soon be required to help every person leaving prison get a photo ID

A photo ID is needed to access basic services and government benefits, get a job or open a bank account. But currently, not every Colorado prisoner gets help obtaining one.

Politics and Government

ACLU asks judge to issue emergency order reducing Colorado’s prison population amid coronavirus outbreaks

An ongoing lawsuit alleges Gov. Jared Polis and his Department of Corrections is putting prisoners in danger of contracting coronavirus in what amounts to cruel and unusual punishment

Crime and Courts

Colorado’s governor says prisoners won’t be prioritized for a coronavirus vaccine. A state plan outlines otherwise.

Gov. Jared Polis’ comments Tuesday run counter to the ethical framework in a plan drafted by his administration. Colorado officials say the plan will be revised next week.


Mask rules in jails vary from county to county as pandemic worsens in Colorado

In El Paso County, site of one of the largest coronavirus outbreaks in the state people who are jailed only recently started receiving cloth masks to protect themselves


Colorado prisoner dies after having coronavirus-like symptoms

The inmate becomes the fourth to die in Colorado after falling ill with symptoms consistent with COVID-19


Colorado officials reach settlement over prison inmates vulnerable to coronavirus

The Colorado chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union sought a lawsuit in May against the Colorado Department of Corrections

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