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Colorado Department of Corrections to review COVID vaccine mandate as it scrambles to fill 1,800 open positions

Colorado Department of Corrections officials are revisiting a policy requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for employees as the department scrambles to fill nearly 1,800 open positions.  The vaccine mandate and testing requirements for prison workers remained under administrative review Friday, and a potential rollback could come this week, the DOC confirmed.  “Any decisions will be made with […]

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Colorado’s new professional ultimate disc team wants to grow the sport — so it turned to young offenders

Aaron Alvarado, a 21-year-old inmate with a tiny, Cindy Lou Who-style ponytail on his head, got the hang of it pretty quickly, even though it was his first go at ultimate disc. “All you have to do is run fast and jump high,” said Alvarado, who played baseball and football in high school back in […]

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Opinion: End private prisons in Colorado

Allowing profit into the criminal justice system undermines its integrity, effectiveness, and the public trust. We would never tolerate profit incentives for judges, public defenders, or prosecutors; we should not do so for prisons. Two private, for-profit prisons in Colorado hold roughly 18% of our state’s prison population. These facilities are owned by CoreCivic, a […]

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Lawsuit claims Colorado is violating anti-slavery law by pressuring inmates to work despite health concerns

Two Colorado inmates who claim they were pressured into working despite health concerns are suing the state’s prison system, claiming it’s violating a constitutional ban on slavery and involuntary servitude. In the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Denver, Harold Mortis and Richard Lilgerose claim they effectively had days added to their sentences when they initially refused […]