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Colorado Department of Agriculture

Colorado Department of Agriculture
Colorado Department of Agriculture

Colorado’s new overtime pay rules for agricultural workers are too weak, advocates say

Regulations from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment would phase in overtime pay, equivalent to time-and-a-half, over a few years, with farm workers receiving overtime after working 60 hours a week starting in 2022

Politics and Government

While Colorado’s eastern half revels in rain, the Western Slope is still stuck in a drought

Ute Mountain Utes and other farmers and ranchers plan radical cutbacks in planting and grazing, as snowpack and runoff in some areas approaches 30% of normal.


Opinion: Former Agriculture Commissioner Peter Decker fought for equity for rural Colorado

Peter Decker, who ranched in Ridgway, understood education was essential to the vitality of farm and ranch communities, has died at age 86.

Opinion Columns

Is Colorado leading or lagging on climate policy? It depends on which states you’re comparing us to.

On the one hand, the state has adopted some of the most ambitious climate laws in the county; on the other, critics say Gov. Jared Polis’ administration has failed to use the laws to their fullest.


Colorado hemp farmers say they know more than the feds and want to keep regulation in state hands

After the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp production legal, Colorado created rules for handling the new cash crop. “Green rush” farmers are worried the feds will make their work harder.


Colorado farmers hopeful as revised free-trade deal with Mexico and Canada approved

The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement will have greater impact on Colorado’s agriculture than the recently approved deal with China


Agriculture is part of the climate change problem. Colorado wants farmers’ soil to be part of the solution.

With more statewide support, farmers and ranchers hope to boost the health of Colorado's agricultural lands and conserve water while also meeting business goals.


For farmers in a mental health crisis, it’s often tough to seek help. A Colorado program aims to begin conversations.

Amid uncertainties over tariffs and declining income, suicides are increasing in Colorado and rates are higher in rural areas than in urban environments


A hemp green rush is remaking agriculture in Colorado — complete with get-rich CBD dreams and flimflam profiteers

80,000 acres of cropland have been converted to hemp by farmers projecting big profits from CBD sales. But Colorado’s regulatory framework hasn’t kept up with the boom.


Why Colorado’s corn farmers are getting hurt by China’s soybean tariff

Colorado’s not a big soybean state but indirect impact of trade wars has hit agriculture exports, which are down 15% this year


How a small Colorado town fought the Japanese beetle and won

The flying pest feasts on more than 300 types of plants and returns each year in greater numbers. But not in Palisade.


Peach growers are expecting an all-time bumper crop on the Western Slope, but there’s one problem

Weather, moisture and bee activity lined up perfectly for the best peach season in years, but with visa applications already set in stone, growers need a basketful of workers.


Colorado cattle rustling’s colorful history helps modern brand inspectors keep up with a changing crime

Hundreds of cattle go missing every year in Colorado, most of them simply lost. But the state’s brand inspectors work to ensure thieves don’t cash in.


Hemp has arrived: Colorado crops double after Farm Bill makes growing more legit

Beyond rush for CBD products, hemp-reinforced plastics pioneered by Henry Ford are in the works, but legal hurdles remain


South Korea, home of Hanwoo and bulgogi, is now largest importer of Colorado beef

The trade war with China had little to do with South Korea’s rise but future trade could impact Colorado’s beef industry


Cory Gardner, Scott Tipton bring new “good Samaritan” bill to address abandoned mines and stoke solution for $50B problem

Congress has been debating for decades how to deal with the $50 billion problem of abandoned mines across the U.S.


Wine, peaches and CBD: Hemp fills gaps in the Western Slope’s orchards and vineyards

Tourists report the smell of change wafting over the region, but not all orchardmen have bought into the latest cash crop