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Littwin: Trump backs down on shipping foreign college students out, but there’s more backing down to do

In a stunning reversal, Donald Trump backed down from the absurd notion that ICE would kick out of the country those foreign students whose colleges had decided to offer only online classes. It’s stunning because it is an embarrassing admission from Trump that he has backed down under pressure. And it is stunning, mostly, because […]

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Colorado got $3.6 million from the Equifax breach. It’ll help start a rural college program to prevent this from happening again.

Colorado Northwestern Community College President Ron Granger blurted out the first thing that came to mind when he was asked in August what he would do for the school if he had the money: build a cybersecurity program. That was a pretty bold idea for a school serving a region best known for outdoor recreation […]

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Nearly half of all young adults in Colorado owe money on a student loan, study examining state’s $26 billion ledger shows

Student loan debt in Colorado increased 176 percent in the decade stretching from 2007 to 2017, faster than the 152 percent rate of growth nationally for such debt during the same period, according to an analysis released by those who want Colorado to license student loan service providers. About 734,000 Colorado borrowers are paying off […]