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“Everyone is being crazy”: Conservative Delta County erupts over an effort to teach sexual education

DELTA — Sex. Couple that with education. Link it to anything other than heterosexual unions. Bring the Bible into it. And, in Delta County, expect a volatile civic tempest. The latest controversy over sex in this conservative Western Slope county has been sparked by a progressive push to add state-recommended comprehensive sex education in the […]

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After facing U.S. Supreme Court criticism, Colorado’s civil rights division blasted by auditor as slow, not transparent

Colorado’s Civil Rights Division and Civil Rights Commission are too slow to investigate complaints and voted on cases in secret and without any documentation about their deliberations, according to a scathing report released Wednesday by the state’s auditor.  The negative spotlight comes on the heels of criticism leveled against the entities last year by the […]

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While the Trump administration backtracks, Colorado is plowing forward on transgender rights

The federal government in recent months has banned transgender people from joining the military and made plans to roll back protections that could lead to insurance companies and doctors refusing to provide them health care. Colorado, meanwhile, is heading the opposite direction. Just within 2019, the state approved an “X” marker on driver’s licenses in […]

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Latest legal challenge by Masterpiece Cakeshop baker can continue, judge rules

A judge says the latest legal challenge by a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple can continue. In a ruling Friday, U.S. District Judge Wiley Daniel rejected Colorado’s arguments that the federal court should stay out of the dispute over whether the state is treating Jack Phillips unfairly […]