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Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Colorado Civil Rights Commission
Colorado Civil Rights Commission

“Everyone is being crazy”: Conservative Delta County erupts over an effort to teach sexual education

A task force spent two years drafting a curriculum that was ultimately rejected by the Delta County School District 50J board last week amid dueling rallies and big tensions


After facing U.S. Supreme Court criticism, Colorado’s civil rights division blasted by auditor as slow, not transparent

The Colorado auditor’s office found that the “division is slow to investigate complaints and the commission operates in a manner that is not transparent"

Politics and Government

While the Trump administration backtracks, Colorado is plowing forward on transgender rights

State reforms were propelled in Colorado by advocates who accuse the federal government of “erasing” trans people


Latest legal challenge by Masterpiece Cakeshop baker can continue, judge rules

Jack Phillips claims discrimination as Colorado commission says he violated civil rights by refusing to make a cake celebrating a gender transition

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