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Opinion: The answer to Russia’s aggression isn’t more oil. It’s different energy

Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine has made it abundantly clear that our fossil fuel-dependent economy jeopardizes our national security as hostile foreign leaders weaponize their energy resources. Similarly, the rapidly intensifying climate crisis, which is causing widespread disruption with no place on earth escaping the impacts of rising temperatures and increasingly extreme weather, […]

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Opinion: Natural gas should remain a key option in Colorado’s clean-energy mix

Colorado is widely known as a state that is at the forefront of both energy innovation and environmental protection. As we continue the transition to a low-carbon economy, we’re presented with a tremendous opportunity to strengthen that reputation. At the center of that change are clean and natural energy sources that Colorado is abundantly blessed […]

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Smells like a fossil fuel. Works like a fossil fuel. But these Colorado stations pump a gas with emissions less than zero.

The fuel that comes out of the gleaming pumps at X3CNG’s west Greeley station has the telltale smell of fossil fuel. It runs a big truck with the heavy-duty efficiency of a fossil fuel.  But the impact of the transaction can be the opposite of burning fossil fuel.  X3CNG and many of its competitors in […]

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Opinion: The technology, and workforce, for clean energy already are in place. Now it’s time to invest

The gears of Washington are beginning to turn and Congress finally is poised to address some of our country’s most pressing challenges: stimulating the economy, rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, and investing in clean technology to help address climate change. There’s one industry that can help the country do all three: advanced energy. Advanced energy […]