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capital punishment

capital punishment

Governor signs bill abolishing Colorado’s death penalty, commutes sentences of state’s 3 death row inmates

Colorado becomes the 22nd state to end the use of capital punishment

Jared Polis can commute the sentences of Colorado’s three death row inmates at any time

The governor said the cases of the three men waiting to die by lethal injection are not “ripe” for his review because he hasn’t received any clemency requests. But he doesn’t necessarily need anything to take action.

He survived the Aurora Chuck E. Cheese shooting 25 years ago. A possible death penalty repeal is bringing it all back up.

Bobby Stephens: “It just doesn’t make sense to me that this process has been what it’s been.”

Colorado lawmakers will consider whether to repeal the death penalty again, as factors align for passage

The Colorado legislature has debated getting rid of capital punishment four times since 2000. The bill being brought this year wouldn’t send the question to voters, as proponents of lethal injection want.