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Candi CdeBaca

Candi CdeBaca
Candi CdeBaca

Nicolais: Does political extremism breed ethical lapses?

When leaders from either end of the political spectrum ignore ethical norms, it filters down to their adherents

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Nicolais: Clowns to the left, jokers to right, Michael Hancock in the middle continuing to govern

Between constant attacks from people like Candi CdeBaca and Steffan Tubbs, Mayor Michael Hancock has dealt with a pandemic and protests with aplomb

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Wilson: Denver police are making the case for defunding on their own

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The first two efforts to defund police in Colorado quickly failed. Will a push at CU be the first to succeed?

The Colorado legislature passed a sweeping police accountability bill in the wake of George Floyd protests, but so far efforts to replace law enforcement with mental health workers have failed.

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What’d I Miss?: Why should politicians live in the past?


State lawmakers, Denver council members urge governor to do more to help homeless through coronavirus

Eighteen lawmakers and a handful of other elected officials on Saturday sent Gov. Jared Polis a letter to mobilize the National Guard to help and dramatically increase available motel and hotel spaces for people to self-isolate/quarantine


Nicolais: Candi CdeBaca’s unapologetic nepotism misses the mark

After running an upstart campaign to combat what she viewed as corruption by former City Councilman Albus Brooks, Candi CdeBaca finds herself entangled in her own scandal only a few months later

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Wilson: Brother Jeff has created a gathering place for Denver’s African-American community

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Nicolais: Will political purity tests catch up to Colorado Democrats?

Democrats have already begun to show the same type of intra-party strife that cost Republicans their political power in the state

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A Colorado filmmaker’s camera is rolling as women of color fight for a voice in Denver politics

In “Running With My Girls,” Denver’s Rebekah Henderson hopes to imitate the success of the progressive political film that captured the charismatic candidacy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez