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budget cuts

budget cuts
budget cuts

As demand for mental health care spikes in the West, budget ax is set to strike

Some cuts to Colorado's mental health budgets have been restored, but providers still are worried.


Proposition 116 explained: Colorado must decide whether an income tax cut is worth a hit to state budget

The measure would lower the state’s income tax on individuals and corporations to 4.55% from 4.63%, lowering state revenue more than $150 million a year

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Opinion: We can heal the coronavirus’ economic wounds with Initiative 271

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Opinion: Cut defense spending to invest in our coronavirus recovery

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Opinion: An open letter to Colorado lawmakers from Colorado Concern

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Nicolais: CU steps up to help students amid coronavirus concerns

Even as the state legislature cut spending to Colorado colleges and universities, CU leadership took steps to ensure access and diversity on campus

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To balance budget, Colorado lawmakers add to PERA’s long-term debt and backtrack from landmark deal

The Joint Budget Committee eliminated a $225 million payment from the state to the pension in the next fiscal year

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Colorado now owns Fishers Peak, but funds to build the newest state park are in coronavirus limbo

In a deal that closed in a Broomfield park, Colorado took title to the ranch that will be the newest state park. Developing it, however, will take some financing creativity as budgets are slashed under pandemic pressures.


Jim Morrissey: Colorado’s delicate coronavirus budget operation