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Jared Polis blasts FDA delay on coronavirus vaccine booster approval: “They have blood on their hands”

Using uncharacteristically incendiary rhetoric, Gov. Jared Polis on Monday criticized federal regulatory delays in rolling out coronavirus vaccine booster shots, dismissing concerns that the vaccine doses are unnecessary and could be better used elsewhere. “At the very least, the FDA should get out of the way and allow people to make this choice to protect […]

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Littwin: The third jab is coming. Should rich countries go to a booster when poor countries are still missing a first shot?

Just when you think the war against COVID can’t get much stranger, we now have the third-jab issue to contend with. We’re still, incredibly, fighting — sometimes literally — over masks for school children. I remain stunned by this, even as Douglas County commissioners just opted out of the Tri-County Health Department’s requirement for masks […]