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Colorado unemployment office clarifies what people on unemployment need to do by Jan. 5

The state Department of Labor and Employment clarified its message on Monday after an email sent last week caused confusion among thousands of unemployed Coloradans who rushed to file for benefits.  The message was intended for people on regular unemployment benefits to let them know they could request benefits this week before the state puts […]

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Colorado unemployment claims are sharply rising again with restaurants seeing largest share of job cuts

In the aftermath of 15 mostly Front Range counties hitting critical COVID-19 spread and being forced to implement red-level restrictions in mid-November, the job losses are piling up again.  Approximately, 36,256 people filed for unemployment last week for the first time — or their second or third time, as they lost their job again. New […]

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Spreadsheet snafu exposes private data of 30,000 Colorado state employees

The personal data of the state’s 30,000 employees was inadvertently exposed earlier this month when a master spreadsheet was shared with benefits administrators at Colorado higher education institutions. After learning of the information breach on Oct. 7, the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration immediately asked the 38 benefits administrators to delete the email and […]

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Colorado won’t try to collect the $1.4 million in overpaid unemployment benefits it distributed after all

About 9,000 Coloradans who were overpaid more than $1 million in unemployment benefits and told to pay it back may not have to after all, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment officials said on Thursday.  Confusing forms for gig workers and the self-employed had many applicants overstating their earnings, which were supposed to be based […]

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What’s Working: Thousands of fraud holds lifted for Colorado unemployed, while more face pricier health insurance

Thousands of unemployed Coloradans found financial relief in the past week, but not because the first Lost Wages Assistance payments were issued. Rather, the months-long holds on their unemployment claims were finally lifted. Some hadn’t been paid a penny since July and they couldn’t figure out why, no matter how many times they called the […]

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What’s Working: Extra $300 unemployment benefit gets a start date and how Colorado overpaid $40 million in jobless aid

The big unemployment news in Colorado this week was that more fraud was discovered and the state prevented up to $1 billion from being paid.  This helps explain why some folks on unemployment haven’t been paid since July. While I touched on the reasons for holds in last week’s What’s Working column, here is more […]

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What’s Working: The situation with PUA benefits. Plus, why action is needed to get extra payments.

An increasing number of readers are asking for help in figuring out Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, or PUA, which pays benefits to freelancers, gig workers and self-employed folks who can’t get work due to coronavirus devastation. But one of the more common questions is “I haven’t been paid since July. Why is there a hold on […]

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What’s Working: Why it takes two months to get a callback on unemployment: 25% of scheduled calls are “no shows”

Good news, job seekers: More jobs are being added back to Colorado’s economy. Bad news: 97,500 people stopped looking for a job in July for some reason. (Tell me why!) But some of the biggest news this week, at least for those on unemployment: The new $300 weekly bonus — a.k.a. the Lost Wages Assistance […]