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Colorado unemployment office clarifies what people on unemployment need to do by Jan. 5

An email sent to more than 500,000 out-of-work Coloradans was corrected on Monday with the Labor Department asking users to disregard some of the information.

Colorado unemployment claims are sharply rising again with restaurants seeing largest share of job cuts

The state has paid out $6.5 billion in benefits since the pandemic began, nearly the same amount as it did across three years of the Great Recession

Spreadsheet snafu exposes private data of 30,000 Colorado state employees

State officials say files have been deleted and there’s no evidence of misuse, but those affected are being told to take precautions

Colorado won’t try to collect the $1.4 million in overpaid unemployment benefits it distributed after all

Confusing forms in the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program led some gig workers to overestimate their income.

What’s Working: Thousands of fraud holds lifted for Colorado unemployed, while more face pricier health insurance

How some things unexpectedly went from bad to worse for some out-of-work people in Colorado. Plus, Lost Wages benefits begin, more unemployment fraud news and other updates in this week’s What’s Working.

What’s Working: Extra $300 unemployment benefit gets a start date and how Colorado overpaid $40 million in jobless aid

Plus: Hiring by an agency for the homeless, the D.C. COVID relief update and resources for help with rent, utilities and other bills

What’s Working: The situation with PUA benefits. Plus, why action is needed to get extra payments.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of Colorado’s unemployment system takes us deeper into holds on PUA payouts, extended benefits and fraud.

What’s Working: Why it takes two months to get a callback on unemployment: 25% of scheduled calls are “no shows”

Plus: New $300 federal bonus is coming soon, with limits; Monarch Casino has 200 jobs; new grants for small businesses.

What’s Working: Unemployment benefits for a year, $300 is the new $600 and how to get that call back

A weekly update on losing a job, finding a new one or hiring extra help.

Colorado to extend state benefits to the unemployed for 13 more weeks

Gov. Jared Polis planning to apply to FEMA for $300 bonus weekly unemployment pay through President Donald Trump's executive order

Trump’s order to extend unemployment benefits could cost Colorado $31.1 million a week — money it doesn’t have

Meanwhile, the state’s unemployment trust fund will run out of money this month while there are still nearly 311,000 workers receiving jobless benefits

Colorado’s unemployment fund could run out of money next month. Here’s what that means for businesses.

Some businesses will see a 54-85% hike in insurance premiums as Colorado's jobless fund becomes insolvent

Unemployment claims skyrocket as thousands of Coloradans lose their jobs

Colorado's unemployment fund has enough to cover 18 months of unemployment pay -- but only in a regular recession. There’s concern the coronavirus will cause an extraordinary downturn and that the program is underfunded.

A plea by Colorado tech firms for a faster response to coronavirus goes national

The #StopTheSpread pledge has been signed by 1,200 tech executives who agree to change work policies, and support frontline workers to "flatten the curve" faster.

Guild Education’s twist on college is working for cashiers, sales clerks and others who abandoned the idea of a college degree

Led by co-founder Rachel Carlson, Guild Education's modern approach to educating workers is fueling Denver startup’s success story