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8-hour, Republican-led hearing on Colorado’s election integrity ends without evidence of widespread fraud

President Donald Trump’s senior legal adviser, Jenna Ellis, urged the state legislature to investigate, but offered no substantive reason why

Colorado, two other states pass amendments clarifying that “only citizens” can vote

A Florida-based organization called Citizen Voters, Inc., funded a majority of the state campaigns for these amendments — including $1.4 million towards Colorado's efforts

More than 2.7 million Coloradans have already voted. Here’s how all those ballots are processed.

At least two-thirds of registered voters have cast their ballots so far. Same-day registration leaves the door open for even more people to participate.

Jim Morrissey: The weight of the 2020 election

Landlord who threatened to change rent based on election outcome engaged in voter intimidation, Colorado AG says

Bernie Pagel, co-owner of a mobile park in Fort Morgan, distributed a notice to tenants saying their rent could double if Democrat Joe Biden wins the presidential election

Denver will stream a live 24-hour video of ballot processing

Starting Monday, citizens can watch live 24-hour camera footage from the room where Denver ballots are received and counted at

Republicans’ U.S. Supreme Court push may box in Cory Gardner

Cory Gardner's reelection hinges on convincing the state's crucial slice of independent voters he's a nonpartisan problem-solver who will look out for the state

Nicolais: To avoid election chaos, states must move up mail ballot processing

The example set by Colorado, which begins mail ballot processing upon receipt, should be followed across the country

Republicans are trailing Democrats across Colorado. They hope to gain ground with their ground game.

Democrats have rerouted their volunteers and resources toward expanding phone banks and digital ad spending to reach voters in other ways. The GOP thinks that won’t be enough.

USPS to destroy remaining flyers with incorrect mail-in voting information, consult with Colorado elections officials in future

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold sued the USPS last weekend after it delivered thousands of flyers to Coloradans about mail-in voting that incorrectly said voters must request a ballot to receive one in the mail

Health care, the environment, coronavirus: How the pandemic has become a top election-year issue in Colorado

In the marquee U.S. Senate race, Cory Gardner is facing pressure from John Hickenlooper and other Democrats to do more to respond to the pandemic. But the Republican is also touting his response to COVID-19 in television and Facebook ads

All Coloradans will be able to track their mail-in ballot this November

While 12 counties in the state had used this system in past elections, the Secretary of State expanded the BallotTrax program to the remaining 51 counties

Federal court orders Postal Service to stop sending Coloradans flyer containing incorrect mail-in voting information

The order came after Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat, earlier in the day filed a lawsuit to halt the flyers from being delivered

Colorado voters may face as many as 11 major questions on November ballot as initiative deadline arrives

Four questions are pending approval from the Colorado Secretary of State's Office, including a measure to create paid family and medical leave program and a state income tax cut

Cory Gardner firmly rejects Trump’s suggestion that election should be delayed

Gardner has also split with Trump on the president's views on mail-in voting

Colorado doesn’t appear to be a presidential swing state in 2020. That could spell big trouble for Cory Gardner.

Republicans say Donald Trump needs to keep the race fairly close in Colorado in order to give Gardner a chance at reelection. But with the president’s polling slipping across the country they are worried the state won’t get enough attention.

Colorado Supreme Court rejects governor’s attempt to allow signature gathering for ballot initiatives by email, mail

The decision marks the first court-ordered reversal of an action taken by Gov. Jared Polis in response to the coronavirus crisis

Two lawsuits filed against Colorado governor’s decision to allow signature collection through email, mail

One of the groups suing is Due Date Too Late, which wants to ask voters in November to ban abortions in Colorado after 22 weeks. The other is Colorado Concern, whose members are business leaders in the state.

Cory Gardner works to improve his image with first TV ad as Democratic rivals draw sharp differences in forum

The Republican senator’s first campaign ad of the 2020 cycle begins airing on television Friday. Democratic primary rivals John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff faced off Thursday night at a streamed forum.

Supreme Court worries about collateral damage — Frodo Baggins for president? — in Colorado’s Electoral College case

At issue: Should presidential electors in Colorado and throughout the country be bound to follow the will of their state’s voters when casting their Electoral College ballots?

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