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SunLit interview: A nightmare and quantum physics set Catherine Wallace Hope on a novel course

The author wanted to get the plot of her science fiction/fantasy tale just right -- but in order to do that, she paid particular attention to the science


SunLit interview: How Dylan Fisher’s fever dream became a game to create the longest sentence

The author notes that his sentences seldom came to a full stop, "and, thus, the question of 'what comes next' never came up for me"


Half of the duo known as Linda Keir explains how two authors forged an “almost flawless working relationship”

Denver's Linda Joffe Hull and Chicago's Keir Graff, separated by a thousand miles, have combined their talents on three novels, including their latest, "The Three Mrs. Wrights"


C. Joseph Greaves’ Colorado friends asked, “When are you going to write about here?” This book is the answer.

After a 25-year career as a lawyer in Los Angeles, he and his wife moved to the southwestern part of the state, where he infused local issues into "Church of the Graveyard Saints"

Book Excerpts

Longtime Colorado author dug deep, and found treasures in iconic Cheley camps’ past

Mary Taylor Young sorted through lots of camp archives, and the memories of third- and fourth-generation Cheleys, to put together a history that touched thousands of campers

SunLit Interviews

A Western Colorado professor’s mosquito book created so much buzz that it brought him to tears

Timothy Winegard’s book, “The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator,” hit the New York Times bestseller list in early August


Here are eight great books by Colorado authors for your summer reading list

SunLit asked some of the authors we've featured over the past year to tells us which books by other Colorado authors they'd recommend. Their picks, and the reasons why, could be the start of your shortlist.


SunLit 2018: Colorado authors took us on wide-ranging tours of the human condition

Their book excerpts introduced us to fascinating characters. Their interviews shed light on their craft. If you missed anything, here’s your chance to catch up.