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Can anyone keep climate-friendly homes off the gas grid? A community in Arvada is trying.

The engineers and climate science enthusiasts living in Arvada’s Geos homes are famously in control of everything in their 28-home neighborhood.  They can tell you that when it’s 20 degrees outside, an efficient exchanger can transfer 90% of the indoor air’s existing heat energy to incoming fresh air. They can tell you how far their […]

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Colorado will likely miss its recycling goals again this year. What will it take to change the tide of waste?

Colorado is struggling to improve its stagnant waste-diversion rates, and environmental advocates say making progress is crucial in the effort to battle climate change and the effects of population growth.  The state diverted just under 16% of its waste to recycling or compost in 2019, down from a 17% diversion rate in 2018 and well […]