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artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

Calling Colorado’s unemployment line? You might end up talking to a Google-powered AI

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment is also working to address $17.5 million in overpayments, a depleted Trust Fund and the approaching end of $600 weekly pandemic payments


Opinion: How technology is shaping the brave new world of health care in the coronavirus era

Opinion Columns

From a vantage point far in the future, Colorado author’s “A Once-Dead Genius” examines the human condition

When an emissary arrives from another star system, how will the few remaining humans perceive it? How will it perceive itself?

Book Excerpts

How does Colorado’s Lockheed Martin keep future engineers interested in space? By asking them to design robot cars.

The Colorado aerospace industry is adapting to a talent shortage by figuring out new ways to keep the future workforce interested in the space side of STEM.


Paging Dr. Algorithm: How AI and other new tech are changing care in Colorado hospitals

UCHealth and HealthONE use advanced algorithms, remote monitoring to chase disease and help keep hospital patients safe


Why the head of the U.S. Patent Office is interested in artificial intelligence, false trademarks and the Western Slope

The Denver branch of the federal Patent and Trademark Office now has 209 employees, compared to 29 in the entire state five years ago


Understanding AI through Holly, the fast-food bot taking breakfast orders at Good Times

Ordering from “Holly” the bot is still a little creepy, but as humans get more comfortable with Alexa and Siri, a Denver firm is finding people, artificial intelligence and fast food do mix


Here’s what Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said in Aurora about startups, AI, Facebook and Tesla

The tech guy behind Apple loves Colorado (of course!) and also thinks you should consult a psychologist when building teams


Meet the robots and other contraptions making Colorado’s recycling more efficient

From robots to smart cameras, technology is improving recycling efficiency despite China’s ban on imported recycled waste