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Arapahoe County leaders raise concerns about possible Tri-County exit

Some local leaders in Arapahoe County worry that a decision of whether to break away from Tri-County Health Department on the heels of neighboring Douglas County’s move to exit the agency would be influenced by the “politicization of public health.” “There was this question about what is the message to our residents about the politicization […]

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Arapahoe, Adams may leave Tri-County Health Department after Douglas split

After Douglas County announced that it plans to form its own health department, Arapahoe County confirmed that it and Adams County have also been contemplating splitting away from Tri-County Health Department. The split is being driven by Douglas County’s intention to leave the three-county health agency. By October, both the Arapahoe and the Adams county […]

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One of Colorado’s poorest school districts gave its superintendent a 17% raise after losing $1M-plus in state funding

A superintendent over one of Colorado’s poorest school districts collected a nearly 20% raise this year, igniting a debate over spending even as enrollment is in freefall. Supporters of Pat Sandos’ raise — which increased his base salary 17% to $202,000 — call it a crook to keep him in Sheridan School District No. 2, […]

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Colorado’s county commissions will have guardrails on how they draw commissioner districts under new law

A new state law sets new rules for how powerful Colorado county commissions redraw their political boundaries. It currently applies only to three counties, but would apply to counties with growing populations that opt to expand the number of representatives on their commissions. Gov. Jared Polis on Thursday signed House Bill 1047 into law. The […]

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Universal free lunch will help Colorado districts keep feeding kids. But could it also rob some schools of state funding?

When Paula Buser heard that the U.S. Department of Agriculture would fund universal free lunch for schools throughout the country next year, she hit a crossroads of emotions, falling somewhere between contented and concerned. Food insecurity has plagued families in Fremont County during the pandemic, said Buser, who directs support services for Cañon City School […]

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Rep. Chris Kennedy: Let’s extend redistricting reform to Colorado’s county commissioners

In November 2018, Colorado voters passed two constitutional amendments to reform the redistricting process and ensure that neither political party could gerrymander districts in their favor.  Amendments Y and Z were the product of years of conversations between party leaders who came to the table because they knew that a fair set of rules was […]

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More Coloradans than ever voted this year, and the state’s turnout ranks in the top 5 nationwide

Empowered by mail ballots and energized by the nation’s polarized political climate, more Coloradans voted this year than ever before in the state’s history. More than 3.3 million ballots had been processed by state election officials through Thursday and the tally is expected to grow as remaining ballots are processed and counted. That represents 78% […]

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Colorado voters take on coronavirus, power outages to contribute to record turnout

Colorado hit record voter turnout numbers Tuesday, but this November’s election has not gone off without a hitch.  Of course there’s the difficulty of running an election during a pandemic. The seven-day average of coronavirus cases statewide as of Monday — 2,141 cases — was the highest it’s been recorded since the start of the […]