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Loveland couple files lawsuit over police shooting of 14-month-old dog who ran at officer

In body camera footage released Wednesday in support of the lawsuit, two dogs run toward Officer Matthew Grashorn as he gets out of his patrol car while responding to a trespassing report in an empty parking lot in June 2019


Biden administration backs end to wolf protections but hunting worries grow

Wolves under federal protection made a remarkable rebound in parts of the U.S. over the past several decades, after being driven from the landscape by excessive hunting and trapping in the early 1900s


Woman seriously injured in moose attack in western Colorado

The woman, whose name was not released, was taking a dog out on a leash when she was attacked Friday night outside a home south of Glenwood Springs


Feinstein wants probe into how many wild horses end up in slaughterhouses as Western drought forces roundups

Horse advocates say a $1,000 cash payment for those who adopt the mustangs created an incentive for people to buy the horses and then illegally sell them for slaughter


Coalition seeks relisting of gray wolves in US West as states pass laws to drastically cut their numbers

The groups cite unregulated hunting, poaching and genetic problems for why the gray wolf should be listed under the Endangered Species Act


Colorado is conducting an ambitious Front Range bald eagle survey


Colorado’s first gray wolf pack since 1940s now has 6 pups

Gray wolves were hunted, trapped and poisoned into extermination in Colorado in the 1940s.


Colorado Supreme Court rejects animal cruelty ballot measure strongly opposed by farmers, ranchers

Initiative 16 heads back to the title board and its proponents for changes

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It’s official: Colorado has its first gray wolf pups in 80 years

Two wildlife officials each spotted a litter of at least three wolf pups hanging out with their parents over the weekend


Mother bear euthanized after man attacked in Steamboat Springs

The mother bear and two cubs broke into the man's garage where he stored birdseed and other attractants


Durango woman killed in rare bear attack has been identified

The La Plata County coroner identified the victim Tuesday as 39-year-old Laney Malavolta


Human remains found in two bears suspected of killing woman near Durango

Wildlife said it's likely the bears would have attacked humans again if they were not euthanized


A “once in a lifetime” bond: Aspen mourns the death of Zoot the avalanche rescue dog

The 11-year-old Airedale terrier was battling cancer


Colorado lawmakers move closer to prohibiting certain animals from being used in traveling performances

If Senate Bill 135 becomes law, the violation would be considered a misdemeanor and carry a fine between $250 to $1,000

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Colorado should go nice and slow on gray wolf reintroduction, panel says

It will take time to ensure that scientists and ranchers, wildlife activists and the rural Western Slope counties where wolves will be reintroduced all have a say on the divisive issue


Colorado Court of Appeals approves use of courtroom comfort dogs

The Colorado Court of Appeals said on Thursday that the defendant’s right to confrontation doesn’t carry with it a right to impose discomfort on an accusing witness

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Denver Zoo struggles during coronavirus to feed its hungry animals

The zoo was closed nearly three months early in the pandemic, then imposed restrictions on crowd sizes since reopening to the public June 12


At risk of extinction, black-footed ferrets in Colorado get experimental COVID vaccine

For the newly vaccinated ferrets, the main risk is to the animals themselves. They’re part of a captive population at the National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center outside Fort Collins where there have been no cases of COVID-19 to date


Trump administration plans would ease protections for sage grouse in West

U.S. officials plan to formally publish what are called supplemental environmental impact statements on Friday for the management of greater sage grouse habitat on public lands in seven states


Colorado Parks and Wildlife begins planning for wolf reintroduction

Voters in metropolitan Denver and Boulder counties, who won't be directly affected by any reintroduction, strongly supported the initiative, with rural voters casting ballots against it

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