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Colorado should go nice and slow on gray wolf reintroduction, panel says

It will take time to ensure that scientists and ranchers, wildlife activists and the rural Western Slope counties where wolves will be reintroduced all have a say on the divisive issue


Colorado Court of Appeals approves use of courtroom comfort dogs

The Colorado Court of Appeals said on Thursday that the defendant’s right to confrontation doesn’t carry with it a right to impose discomfort on an accusing witness

Crime and Courts

Denver Zoo struggles during coronavirus to feed its hungry animals

The zoo was closed nearly three months early in the pandemic, then imposed restrictions on crowd sizes since reopening to the public June 12


At risk of extinction, black-footed ferrets in Colorado get experimental COVID vaccine

For the newly vaccinated ferrets, the main risk is to the animals themselves. They’re part of a captive population at the National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center outside Fort Collins where there have been no cases of COVID-19 to date


Trump administration plans would ease protections for sage grouse in West

U.S. officials plan to formally publish what are called supplemental environmental impact statements on Friday for the management of greater sage grouse habitat on public lands in seven states


Colorado Parks and Wildlife begins planning for wolf reintroduction

Voters in metropolitan Denver and Boulder counties, who won't be directly affected by any reintroduction, strongly supported the initiative, with rural voters casting ballots against it

Election 2020

Trump officials end gray wolf protections across most of U.S.

Colorado voters will decide next week whether to reintroduce gray wolves in the state


Trump administration: Climate change not a threat to rare wolverine found in Colorado

A federal judge four years ago had blocked an attempt to withdraw protections that were first proposed in 2010, pointing to evidence from government scientists that wolverines were “squarely in the path of climate change."


Homeowner undergoes surgery after bear attack in Aspen

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said a team with tracking dogs located the bear on the backside of Aspen Mountain before tracking it to a mine shaft and killing it


It’s not just your imagination: Miller moth population has increased in Colorado, study say

Colorado State University entomologists Whitney Cranshaw and Frank Peairs released a study attributing the increase in sightings to the lack of moisture in Colorado and neighboring states


Colorado lawmakers want to stop dogs, cats from being euthanized in shelters for lack of space

Senate Bill 164 sets a “standard of care” but still allows euthanasia if the animal is terminally ill, injured or dangerous. Shelters say that’s already current practice.

Politics and Government

Federal judge cancels oil and gas leases on some sage grouse land

The birds that range across 11 Western states, including Colorado, have suffered sharp population declines in recent decades because of development, disease, drought and wildfires.


Opinion: It’s time to ban wildlife killing contests in Colorado

Opinion Columns

Nicolais: Humane Pet Act is a long-overdue step toward compassion for dogs and cats

Championed by First Gentleman Reis, the bill would close Colorado to puppy and kitten mills

Opinion Columns

Coloradans will decide in 2020 whether to reintroduce gray wolves in the state

The gray wolf has been successfully reintroduced to a number of U.S. states. It was eradicated in Colorado in the 1940s.


Wyoming and Idaho join Interior Department to appeal court ruling blocking rollback of sage grouse protections

Idaho and Wyoming back the Trump administration plan that eases restrictions on energy companies and other industries put in place by the Obama administration


Wolf supporters say they gathered 200,000 signatures, enough for reintroduction question on 2020 ballot

Opponents of Colorado wolf reintroduction are preparing a public education campaign as the battle over the animals shifts into a new gear


Colorado ranchers have beef with lab-grown and plant-based “meat” — and they want well-done labeling

Cattle and bison ranchers are looking for help to let consumers know where the food in their package came from, including whether it originated in a petri dish or another country


Report: Sage-grouse recovery in Colorado, Utah to cost millions and take years

Colorado Parks and Wildlife estimates the bird's population at more than 3,000, primarily in Colorado's Gunnison Basin


BLM boss: Solving wild horse problem will take $5 billion, 15 years

William Perry Pendley says the agency adopted out more than 7,000 mustangs and burros captured last year — the most in 15 years

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