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Colorado parents are trying to get around school mask mandates with dubious doctor’s notes

Colorado parents are seeking an end-run around mask requirements at their children’s schools: doctor’s notes exempting them for dubious medical reasons.  And in mask-averse Douglas County, where elected leaders already opted to create their own health department to sidestep unpopular COVID-19 public health orders, some parents aren’t taking “no” for an answer. Hundreds of parents […]

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Colorado pediatricians, educators to Gov. Jared Polis: Act now to protect in-person school

Colorado’s pediatricians and educators are urging Gov. Jared Polis to take stronger action to slow the spread of the coronavirus in order to preserve the possibility of students attending school in person. “As community spread increases, in-person school will be less and less feasible if concerted efforts are not made to prioritize classrooms across our […]

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Colorado’s already low childhood vaccination rates plummet as parents put off doctor visits

Families avoiding immunization appointments for fear of COVID-19 contagion are further undercutting Colorado’s abysmal childhood vaccination rates, state health leaders say, raising the possibility of new outbreaks of previously vanquished illnesses such as measles or diphtheria. Childhood immunizations in the first two months of the outbreak have dropped nearly 20% from a year ago at […]